Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seeking Opinions: A Man, A Boy, and A Marketing Strategy

A farmer and his son, who had fallen on hard times, were leading their donkey to market to sell him.

As they walked they passed someone who said, "Look at those two silly people walking when one of them could ride the donkey." So the farmer put his son on the donkey and they continued.

Soon, they passed someone else who said, "Look at that lazy boy riding, while his tired old father has to walk." So the farmer took his son off the donkey and got on and they continued.

Soon, they passed someone else who said, "Look at that mean old father riding a donkey while that poor little boy has to walk." So, the farmer lifted his son up onto the donkey with him and they continued.

Soon, they passed someone else who said, "Look at those two selfish creatures riding while that poor old animal has to trudge along under the burden. Why they should be carrying him." So they got off, picked up the donkey, and carried him as they continued to market.

When they arrived at the market they were met with jeering and ridicule. Everyone said, "Look at those two coming to the market to sell an animal so feeble they had to carry him."

The farmer and his son put the donkey down and returned home in shame.



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Steven B Howard said...

This is what happens when a marketer (in this case the father) listens to people who are not his customers.

Listening to all those "consultants" in the story led the father to destroy the value of his product.

He should have listened to his marketing consultant instead!

Anonymous said...

If it is our fear of judgment of others that causes us to change rather than our own resolve to hold fast to our intent...then I believe the title may be misspelled.... could it be that what you really meant to spell was market tragedy not market strategy?
D Outlaw

Anonymous said...

Slim…I might also add that this is why a strategy is a process that only true narcissists can understand and execute…they could give a rip about what others say… it is there way or no way…
Then again not listening to others is a key point of why we have tragic failure..
So maybe we should make it market “stratragedy” as the right misspelled title..
Dang this fun….
D outlaw

slimfairview said...


The opposite can be said to be true. Sometimes listening to others is why we fail. There is a new post on the blog for that one. Take a look.