Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Transnational Business: From Distopistan to Netopistan

To: Fellow Linkedin member:

Perhaps Mr. _________ is seeking the collective input to help him to address the changes he will have to make in his strategy as a consultant in Egypt. He can, if he chooses, find opportunities here for Business leaders who did not read my ppt. presentation Global Management, a shift in the paradigm of corporate America.

More to the point, We will create a metaphor.

Hey, Mr. Big American Company Guy, you can no longer rely on the Big Company Guys of Distopistan who are protected by the Distopistanian Army because the King of Distopistan makes big bucks (through private transactions) via The Big Company of Distopistan.

Distopistan is in the midst of change. Tomorrow, the King of Distopistan will be gone. Tomorrow the country will be Netopistan. The Netopian Nation is now an ally. To do business in Netopistan (Formerly Distopistan) you will have to connect with the Netopian people.

"How do we do that?" asks the Big American Company Guy.


Meet with _________ _________. He will teach you how to do business in the New World Order. A world without borders. (unabashedly lifted from and alluding to my blog which coincidentally goes by the url



P.S. Mr. ________. Carpe Punctum. And good luck.

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The Shared Vision: A process all right.

.............................THE PLAYER [A One Act Play]...........................

Here we not only read The Player's mind, we are also that fly on the wall.


The Player [speaking to self.] "I have no clue what's going on. I know what I can do. I will get on a team. I will embrace the concept of horizontal management. I will say how much we need a committee. I will get on that committee."

[Now, for those of you who are really "into" metaphors:]

Team Leader: "Okay, group, does anyone have any ideas?" [Think outside the box; there are no stupid ideas, questions, etc. Only the stupidity of not saying anything; shared vision; there is no "I" in team; etc.]

The Player: "Yes. The world is not round, like this orange. The world is round like this plate!"
[Stolen from a Smothers Brother's skit.]

Team Leader: "Really? I would like you to share your feelings on that idea. I think we can all benefit from the discussion even if some on the committee respectfully disagree!"

The Player: "I heard it on the Smothers Brothers show!"

Team Leader: "Would anyone else like to comment or share viewpoints? [As long as we are all sitting around wasting the company's time and money.]

Other Members: "Blah, blah, blah..."

The Player: "You know, after listening to the other members of the team, I believe that the world really is round like this orange. This team approach to problem solving really works."

Team Leader: "Good for you! You see! The team method really works. We now have a shared vision.! Each of us "owns" the project. We have a shared goal. I will now go upstairs to tell Mr. Big, how well the members of the team worked together. [And how well his idea worked.]

Everyone: [privately to himself or to herself] "At first we thought he was a real jerk. But we can now see he that he is a team player. We can see that he is open to accepting the ideas of the other members of the group. That he is not too bright, thus not much of a threat. That we won't be challenged to come up with anything substantive.]

Team Leader [to The Big Boss] "At first I thought he was a real jerk. However, you were right, Sir. This shared vision thing really works. He is a team player willing to embrace a shared vision and to see the other members' points of view."

The Big Boss: "Great! I always knew I was a great Executive with great Leadership Skills! I am not only pleased with myself, I am please with you for implementing my vision and viewpoint."

The End

* Anon. A word often used in literary plays. [Ed. note: We don't want the audience to feel cheated.]




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