Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Aapl Meets Hollywood

Apple Meets Hollywood


Sexy hi-tech FIRM seeks creative Hollywood Mogul. Objective?  Hot Content.

Two years ago I suggested that APPLE and Facebook buy AOL Time Warner CNN. The reason? Content.

$1.5 Billion Dollars + 1.5 Billion Users = Profit$.

It never happened.  However, others have been buying up content.

Now, Apple is looking for content (original content) for their devices.

At the same time, another topic near and dear to my heart, is the move to move “In sync” with Cisco.  Why?  To make Apple products more useful to more people.

You all know the basic paradigm.

  • An organization grows large.
  • Economies to scale meet the law of diminishing returns.
  • Efficiencies decline.
  • Focus on the quality of some products causes the quality of others to suffer.
  • There is contention among employees working on different projects.

  • Profits will attract competitors.
  • A large number of competitors will nibble at profits.
  • Unique features of competing products will create pressure to improve your product.
  • Pressure on employees (and on bosses) will effect morale negatively.
  • Some competitors will go out of business due to bad products or management.
  • Other competitors will blend together through M&A creating larger competitors.
  • Those competitors will benefit from economies to scale as they grow.
  • There will be market penetration. And innovation. And competition.
  • They will innovate and or cut prices causing you more pressure.

  • Big companies will begin to sell off bits of itself to:
  • Concentrate on our core
  • Do what we do best
  • Cut costs
  • Become more efficient
  • Focus on R&D
  • Better serve our valued and appreciated customers.

Now, APPLE is meeting with Cisco.  Great Move.

Now, about content….

We've all heard of 30 under 30. Outstanding people under 30 transforming the world.

Now, what about 60 over 60.

Boomers watch television.
Boomers watch commercials.
Boomers have discretionary income.

60 over 60


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