Thursday, May 3, 2018

60 Over 60

We've all seen the articles:  30 under 30.  People under thirty who are transforming the world.

Now...Fill the Gap.

60 over 60.  

60 people over 60 who are transforming the world.

Do I really have to explain it to the television people?

  • Boomers watch television.
  • Boomers watch commercials.
  • Boomers have discretionary income.

If you want to tap into a market for your advertisers, try doing a weekly TV show focusing on 60 over 60.

It's not that hard.



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Friday, April 27, 2018

CHINA: Global Economic Realignment

China:   1 Billion  300 Million People.

U.S.     ********* 300 Million People.
If China Creates 300 Million Creates Innovative High Tech Entrepreneurs, they have 1 Billion people to do the work.
If We Create 300 Million Creates Innovative High Tech Entrepreneurs, we have no one to do the work.
It took 400 years to build The Great Wall of China. China does not care who the next US President is. or the next five. At 2 terms each, we're talking about 40 years. The next 50 US Presidents? 400 years.
Don't worry about China being a Communist Country with a controlled economy.
Worry when China becomes a Free Market Democracy.
The arithmetic would suggest:
4 Thomas Edisons
4 Henry Fords,
4 Steves (Jobs and Wozniak) for a total of 8
When we become "Energy Independent" Saudi Arabia sells their oil to China who goes on a 
":Global Economic Realignment developing the Emerging Economies and building alliances and making friends."
From China: Global Economic Realignment.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


A Government Intel Operation sets up a Deep Cover World Wide Web.

It you post an article on your blog, no one sees it except Intel Agents.

If you Tweet the link or a comment no one sees it except Intel Agents.

When you see a like, a retweet, or a reply from your followers on Twitter, they are fabricated by Intel Agents with no knowledge of the real followers.

Your LinkedIn Connexions are generated or fabricated by the agents.  It looks like you are being read and receiving replies.  However, the only people who see them are the agents at Intel.  Even your blog stats are fabricated.  Did you really receive 300 visits from China?  Is that comment real?  Did someone from The Times like your tweet or did that come from Intel?  This, without anyone from The Times knowing about the exchange.

Then, one day, you are contacted by a defector.  And the two of you work to expose the operation never knowing whether your activity on the Internet are real, or captured by Intel Agents.

It is immense.

It is all powerful.

It is all consuming.

It is all knowing.

Every cent you spend is on file.  Every item you ever bought, every item you buy, and every item you ever will buy is known.  At first algorithms predict what you will buy.  Then, algorithems will determine what you buy.

All your health records are on file. 

Every illness you have.
Every illness you ever had. 
Every illness you ever will have.

Where were you? 
Where are you? 
Where will you be?

At first, algorithms will predict where you will be.  
Then, algorithms will determine where you will be.

Who do you know?
Who did you know?
Who will you know?

At first, algorithms will predict who you will know.  Then algorithms will determine who you will know.  Algorithms will connect you.

The boy you fell in love with.
The girl you are going to date.
The person you will marry.

At first, algorithms will predict who you will marry.   Then algorithms will determine who you will marry.

Even the Government is powerless to stop them.

The Government launched the project.  Or did they?  Or only think they did?


Your lines of communication can never be trusted.

A Movie?  A Television Series?  A Streaming Series?

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Deadly Sins of Management

Selling off assets is one of the Many Deadly Sins of Management.

2.  Now, (In view of the Miss America Scandal) being stupid enough to both hold those views and to put them in E-mails.

3.  Defending incompetent Managers in your organisation instead of Firing them because you believe that fixing a problem is a sign of incompetence.

4.  Failing to take action when employee complaints reach your level because you believe that if you ignore them they will go away.

5.  Delegating authority to those without adequate abilities and without adequate oversight because you believe in credentialism.

6.  Ignoring deliverables and measurables because you believe failure to reach targets can be blamed on others.

7.  Believing your legal department can cover your ass.

8.  Believing your position of authority will protect you.

9.  Taking responsibility as a tactic to shift blame to others.



LinkedIn Profile

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Delagating. Do & Do Not

What to do when you have to delegate authority.

1. Delegate authority to the person(s) with a proven track record.

2. Allow that person to pick his or her own team

3. Set Deliverables and Measurables.

4. Set a fair and transparent means for reassigning individuals in the group who are disruptive.

NB   Disruptive is not creative. Creative is not disruptive.

5. Receive regular updates on progress. (If necessary, offer validations)

6. Insure that the team has the resources necessary. For example:

Do not assume that the supervisor is smart enough to know that when the number of packers rises from 4 to 10 then the number of scissors should rise from 4 to 10. Or from 3 to 10 if he had 4 people working with 3 pair of scissors because 1 pair broke.

7. Establish the protocols in your company to insure that another manager does not feel comfortable usurping your prerogative to assign projects and staff by interfering with the project because he needs help, or supplies, because he is incompetent yet still works for you.

8. Communication: Make sure that a disruptive person has the opportunity to speak to you directly. He may not be the problem. Follow up on the information you receive.



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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tech v. Education

With all due respect. 

When I was a freshman. (3rd form) I went to Public School (US version) They had two tracks. The University track (college track) and the track for those who intended not to go beyond High School. That track focused on Mechanical Drawing, wood shop metal shop, typing, home economics. I took advantage of those options to take typing and mechanical drawing before transferring to The Prep.

True, in part, about practical applications. US High Schools are supposed to "educate" students not train them.

English courses, teach students to communicate.

Math courses will prepare students for tech [read, math] Geometry, true, is valuable only to those students who intend to become architects or geometry teacher.

History, well.... "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." Santayana

Those who never learned history are doomed--Period!" Slim Fairview
The Quotations of Slim Fairview. © 2017

We also have the alternative: Vo-Tech. Vocational / Technical. Public Schools, Private Schools, and Vo-Tech schools can teach AI.

I became a website designer 1. January 2000.  That career did not exist when I was at School or at University.  And though it is very possible that what students learn today may still be viable when they turn 47, there may be careers that don't exist today.  Op cit, Website designer.  

Web design is not so much technology--I used Front Page 2000®--as it is design.  This came from a semester of art at University and Art in Grammar School and High School.  

People, today, have little concept of the education of the 50s and the 60s and cite what they don't know as a fictive device to advance their agenda.


Democracy - & the Fall of the Athenian Republic
Alexander Tyler & James Olson


Fall of the Athenian Republic



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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sales Force Turnover?

I just replied to a tweet from someone who posed the question about turnover among his sales people. I will share my replies. 

  • Be up front about compensation and lead generation 

  • Be up front about sales figures, sales cycles & about leads. 

  • Be up front about Training, your products, and about the Competition. 

  • Don't irritate your sales people with pep talks & platitudes during down cycles just because the Sales Mgr is looking to make his override on marginal increments. 

The same comments about for sales targets and sales goals. Your sales people know what's going on out there.

Sales is a numbers game

Don't hire too many sales people who will compete with each other in the same customer pool. Refer to comments on the Sales Manager's Override.

If there is a down-turn in sales, don't look at the sales force first. Look at the Sales Manager first. 

Address the complaints from the sales force. Don't just listen. 

Don't placate. Investigate. 



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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Where We are Going

What is happening globally with migration on one of the basic laws of physics.

I illustrated this in my ppt presentation 

I pointed out that Russia is engaged in Economic Warfare. 

The Visible Hand 


Mr. Putin's ETO 

China knows it will not stay in business very long if it puts its best customers out of business. China will not harm Western markets. 

As India transforms, India will have a more efficient handling of crops. No longer will food rot on the vine or in the field because there are difficulties in bringing the food to market in a timely manner. India will embrace the technology that will be crucial to the future of nations. 

Africa will embrace the models of Industrialised Nations: 
Capital Investment, 
Economic Stimulus, 
Economic Development, & 

Forming an E 20 Group of Nations 

Solving the Emerging Economic Crisis

 I have predicted that Plastics will replace wood and steel as a more efficient and cost-effective way of building things. 


But the largest concern is the control of resources: 

Who controls which resources will be crucial to survival. This is explained in 
"Economic Soft-War" 

This is why Globalisation is so important.

Protectionism Isolationism Nationalism
Are the Axis of Evil that impedes or prevents Solving the problems of Famine, Pandemics, and Global Economic Recessions and Depressions & lead to Civil Unrest, Genocide and War.  Support Globalisation.

Thank you for your interest. 



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Monday, March 20, 2017

Oil: Speculation or Calculation?

It would seem that we undervalue the influence of speculation. 

Why increase production unless you have a reasonable expectation of a growth curve? 

You know that increasing supply with the expectation of oversupply and declining demand as a result of a slowing global economy will drive prices down. 

Expert analysts had to have known that Saudi Arabia would act to protect revenue. And that protection played out by Saudi Arabia pumping oil. 

In addition, in "Energy Independence" I pointed out that if we no longer buy Saudi Arabian oil, we will no longer be customers.  And by extension, we will no longer be friends.  At best, we will have an expedient relationship.  I also pointed out that Saudi Arabian officials will be talking to Chinese officials. They are.

The only reasonable interpretation goes to motive. 

The motive? 

Flood the market, drive down prices, and drive competitors out of business. Then buy up their assets at bargain prices.

Add to this the propensity to speculate on price fluctuations must in some manner add to the price fluctuations. 

Just saying. 



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Friday, January 20, 2017

Observer Effect / Observer Bias

Observer Effect:
A man is at the supermarket checkout.
There is an attractive young cashier.
He stands up straight, sucks in his gut, and smiles.
If his wife is with him, not so much.

Observer Bias:

A man is driving down the highway alone.
A convertible speeds past.
He checks out the car.
If his wife is with him,
He is "checking out the blonde" driving the car.

If the driver is a brunette, the wife doesn't notice.
The wife is a blonde and figures if her husband were interested in brunettes he would have married a brunette.
The wife has observer bias.



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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Reply to WSJ Essay

For Immediate Release

Newton's 3rd Law of Physics: The pendulum swings both ways. When it does, it offers an opportunity to gratuitous commentary. I am glad this essay is billed as an essay: with such editorialisation as "self-styled patriots".

Let's offer the Wall Street Journal an analogy based on the unfounded optimism that some of their employees were English Majors rather than Business Majors. Or worse, Journalism Majors.

Dateline: Philadelphia--1776 Self-styled patriots voted to form a Colonial Economic Union and leave the Empire Economic Union.

Prime Minister, Lady Merkel, said she is willing to negotiate reforms but demands that representatives from other members of the Empire Economic Union be included. She offered to set up a conference next month, next year, the following Spring, the following Fall....

Foreign Minister, Lord Juncker said, "Don't let the door hit you in the bum on the way out."

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Schäuble issued a statement indicating The Empire would no longer trade with the Colonies. "You know that £50 Billion in manufactured goods we sell to you? Well we will stop selling them to you. That will teach you a lesson."

The Colonists have gone so far as to begin negotiating with Enemies of the Reich-- Oops, I mean Empire, which includes, but is not limited to The French.

The new Right Wing Independence Party of The Colonial Economic Union is negotiating trades deals and military alliances with the Right Wing Royalist Party of France led by Louis XVI.

The Military Leader, George Washington, denied the claims stating "After seeing what happened to Canada, India, Greece, Italy, Spain, & Portugal, we feel Amerexit is the best way to go."

King George said "I am disappointed that that these Anti-Empire, Heavily Armed "Self Styled Patriots" are choosing this Nationalist--Isolationist policy. and course of action."



PS. I am a globalist and wrote the PowerPoint Presentation on SlideShare

The Future of the G 20 in Good Times & Bad to encourage globalism.

The Future of the G 20 in Good Times & Bad 9.800 + visits

Forming an E 20 Group of Nations 6.000 + visits


Emerging Nation Economic Union. With 12.000 + visits

Singapore is my top visitor with more visits in 6 months than Germany in 6 years. And Germany has been hawking my site ever since I began inveighing against Merkelism--an economic system based on the fear that someone, somewhere is earning a living.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Social Eugenics

Slim Fairview

Social Eugenics, in its most benign form, is the attempt to study a productive group or team, analyse it, replicate it, and reproduce similar results.

This, of course, is based on a faulty premise and on a well-intentioned but ultimately evil paradigm.

"Social Eugenics is the dehumanising field of study that reduces people to a list of component traits in order to organise them into groups to achieve a desired result." ~ Slim Fairview

Also From the Quotations of Slim Fairview

1. "Leaders are defined by their followers."

2. "Look behind you. If people are following you, you're a leader. If they're not, you're not."

3. "You can't lead if you can't manage."

The entire initiative is based on reducing individuals to individual components.

Various individuals are defined by isolating social genes--or demographic DNA.  Each may be valid and defensible in its own right. But it is not the skills that are being called into question. It is the end to which they are employed.

Such may include but are not limited to

Listening skills

Others may have more objective criteria--math skills, for instance.

There are reasons why some people become accountants and other people become artists.  One and perhaps most significant reason is that "They Want To."  Similarly, some people work better in groups, others work better alone, still others in pairs.

When used, however, to create a perfect team or group, even when the goal is to organise people to work together to be successful, they have dehumanised the people and have created a contrived arrangement.

Some of the tools are

Teach Consensus Building.  Aside from my having defined consensus building as group-think built by a consultant, Consensus Building is really influencing the members of a group to embrace a shared value or a shared vision to validate a preconceived ideal.

Leadership Training.  This is a series of exercises (where there are no right or wrong answers) to teach people presumed to have management skills how to lead people in such a way that will justify blaming the employees for any failures to meet standards or to achieve goals.

There is still the observer effect.

When a man is at the checkout at the supermarket sees an attractive young cashier, he stands up straight, sucks in his gut, and smiles.  When his wife is with him, not so much.  The observer influences the behaviour of the observed.

Appearance of Science.  With the rise of Social Eugenics, people attempt to portray opinions as facts so they can challenge facts by defining them as opinions. (SF.)

Who's to Say What's Right or Wrong?

"Circumstances if not consequences will determine who's right and who's wrong--too often when it's too late to benefit from the answer."

In an article I am writing about "personal robots" I pointed out that people who are affluent enough to afford a PSR (Personal Service Robot) will become desensitised to people in the service industry.  A robot can replicate a human, but a human won't replicate a robot.

Social Eugenics is based on an analogous principle.  That people are components in a group; and by analysing those individual traits, people can organise the component people into groups or teams that will become successful at achieving the desired results.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Marketing to Millennials

For the media and or marketing people.

Alton Brown said he was paid more for 1 episode of a kitchen/combat show than an entire season of Good Eats.

If you want to make money, be a financial success, give the consumers what they want: Bread and Circus. [Or, to show I know how to use Google--panem et circenses.]

The Cooking Network switched to cooking contest shows

MTV once stood for Music Television. Then, talk and reality TV, with game shows thrown in.

The House Decorating and Remodeling shows spend more time showing people smashing walls and cupboards with sledge hammers than they do to showing the finished product.
And...the cooking shows have switched to close-ups and what I call cut to cut to. Lemon slice, pinch of salt, egg yolk, cut to: cut to: cut to:

As the politicians transmogrified from the 5 second sound-bite to the 2 second sound-bite, and we coined the phrase "the elevator pitch", as MTV shortened our attention span by conditioning us to embrace images that changed in a matter of one or two or three seconds. so too has the market changed.

The Market Demands:



To the point.

Slim Fairview's Four Rules of Communication:





Witness "Social Media".

c u l8r.

Remember: When Selling to Millennials:

Loud Noises...Bright Colours...&...Shiny Things 

Tap into this and you may be more successful reaching the millennials.

Of course, when millennials do it, it's because they're millennials.  When I do it, it's because I'm old fashioned, old, or have no patience... &c.

Warmest regards,


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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hiring Einstein's Fish

Einstein said, "You don't measure the intelligence of a fish by its ability to climb a tree."

Okay.  Measure the intelligence of a fish by its ability to swim under water.

You don't measure the intelligence of a cat by its ability to swim under water.

Measure the intelligence of a cat by its ability to climb a tree.

From this I conclude,

If you want someone to climb a tree, hire a cat!

We don't do that.

We measure the intelligence of a fish by its ability to swim under water then hire the fish to climb a tree.  When the fish can't climb the tree, we hire a cat to climb the tree...and put the fish in charge of the cat.

If there is a problem, we send the fish to a leadership training programme.

If there is still a problem the fish goes into his boss to tell him:

The cat is not a team player,
The cat does not want to follow orders,
The cat wants to do what he wants to do.

The boss tells the fish to form a committee.

The committee decides:

There is no I in team,
To be a good leader you need to be a good follower,
The fish went to a leadership training programme and he wants to help the cat be the best tree climber he can be.
The fish will send the cat to a tree climbing training programme--run by fish.

If the company still has problems, the fish tells his boss, I did everything I could possibly do.
The cat is not a team player,
I tried to work with the cat using my leadership skills,
I sent the cat for training to improve his tree climbing skills,

The cat is counseled.

The cat leaves to take a job with a company where a cat is in charge of tree climbing.

The fish convinces you to hire more fish.

You end up with a tree surrounded with dead fish lying on the ground.

If you want someone to climb a tree, hire a cat.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Aapl Meets Hollywood

Apple Meets Hollywood


Sexy hi-tech FIRM seeks creative Hollywood Mogul. Objective?  Hot Content.

Two years ago I suggested that APPLE and Facebook buy AOL Time Warner CNN. The reason? Content.

$1.5 Billion Dollars + 1.5 Billion Users = Profit$.

It never happened.  However, others have been buying up content.

Now, Apple is looking for content (original content) for their devices.

At the same time, another topic near and dear to my heart, is the move to move “In sync” with Cisco.  Why?  To make Apple products more useful to more people.

You all know the basic paradigm.

  • An organization grows large.
  • Economies to scale meet the law of diminishing returns.
  • Efficiencies decline.
  • Focus on the quality of some products causes the quality of others to suffer.
  • There is contention among employees working on different projects.

  • Profits will attract competitors.
  • A large number of competitors will nibble at profits.
  • Unique features of competing products will create pressure to improve your product.
  • Pressure on employees (and on bosses) will effect morale negatively.
  • Some competitors will go out of business due to bad products or management.
  • Other competitors will blend together through M&A creating larger competitors.
  • Those competitors will benefit from economies to scale as they grow.
  • There will be market penetration. And innovation. And competition.
  • They will innovate and or cut prices causing you more pressure.

  • Big companies will begin to sell off bits of itself to:
  • Concentrate on our core
  • Do what we do best
  • Cut costs
  • Become more efficient
  • Focus on R&D
  • Better serve our valued and appreciated customers.

Now, APPLE is meeting with Cisco.  Great Move.

Now, about content….

We've all heard of 30 under 30. Outstanding people under 30 transforming the world.

Now, what about 60 over 60.

Boomers watch television.
Boomers watch commercials.
Boomers have discretionary income.

60 over 60

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