Friday, September 30, 2011

Point Taken at Last

Great day in the news, today.

Gustav Horn, Dusseldorf, said of the process, "The process...leaves Europe hostage to smaller members."

How long have I been saying the process is the problem?

Chancelor Merkel is facing criticism for her opposition to Economic Stimulus.  Have the EuroCrats had success with Greece?  No.  Have they tried Economic Stimulus? Apparently not.

Chancelor Merkel is criticised by Peer Steinbruck for "lack of confidence." The tempestuous behaviour in the German Parliament indicates that there is this "lack of consensus" I've been blogging about.  Not the lack of consensus, but consensus itself.

"Anyone who goes around with consensus on his lips, should be boiled in his own pudding." --Slim Fairview

The EuroCrats don't need consensus.  The EuroCrats need acknowledgement!  Change the process.

Carmen Reinhart said, on the bailout, "The bailout buys does not restore growth."  That sounds very similar to what I've been saying.  I do take exception to one thing he said.  The bailout does not buy tranquility.  Full Stop!

The best, I saved for last.

Holger Schmieding, Berenberg Bank, London:

"Strict Austerity Worsens Economic Downturns."

"A stagnant economy makes it harder for Governments to pay down debt."

"Read my stuff today or hear it from experts in a month or two."  Slim Fairview

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To make reading my monographs on the EuroCrisis and the Greek debt crisis:

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

EuroCracy with Apologies to Swift

Okay.  Now it is time to take the gloves off.  With apologies to Jonathan Swift.

When a nation truly appears to try to do better in this world, you may know it by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. Jonathan Swift

Why all the vitriol for Greece?  And in this case, I mean sulfuric acid.

This is what we are hearing from the EuroWizards.

The analysts supported the  110 Billion bailout payment. This, based on the assumption that the Greek economy would grow.  (Experience Growth--passive tense.)  When there was no growth, the analysts supported imposing sanctions on Greece to punish Greece.  For what?  For the fact that the analysts assumptions were wrong.

Analysts now tell us that they believe that the €400 Billion "emergency fund" is too small.  I may have been bewildered by the babble, however, what I heard is this.  "We are not putting more money into the fund.  We will, however, co-sign a loan so "The Fund" can borrow money to double in size. (No, we are not in Bernie Madoff territory.  Not yet.)

To further aggravate the situation:

1. Make (a problem, injury, or offense) worse or more serious.
2. Annoy or exasperate (someone), esp. persistently. More » - - Merriam-Webster - The Free Dictionary
To further aggravate the situation, the EuroCrats have been clutching retentively to the talisman of Austerity.  This, like the monkey's paw, grants three wishes.  (The downside?  The third wish is for death.)  The EuroCrats are killing Greece with kindness.  The EuroCratic posture toward Greece is: condescending, patronising, and rude.
The programmes are constructed to fail.
"Everybody knows what everybody knows." -- Slim Fairview
"Some people as questions seeking information. Other people as questions so they can interrupt, argue, and pretend they're right." -- Slim Fairivew
"Don't bother asking me. You don't want to hear my opinion. You want to hear your opinion." --Slim Fairview
Last night, as I pondered the situation, I had an epiphany. (Not Θεοφάνεια, Τheophaneia A vision of God; but rather ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, "manifestation"  (Okay, enough Googling.)
The ἐπιφάνεια came about when I asked myself, "Why are the EuroCrats clutching retentively to to DEBT RELIEF. Schuldenerlass.  Übersetzung für Schuldenerlass?  Bernie Madoff.
Greece owes money. 
The EuroCrats want to get repaid.
(Giving Greece Money so they can pay back their loans may seem surficially bewildering, however, follow the "logic".)
Greece is in debt.  The only thing the Bonds Bear are Low Ratings.
The EuroCrats Create a bailout fund to help Greece with their debt.  They prop up Greek Bonds.
Investors Buy the Bonds.
Greece is able to repay the EuroCrats.
The EuroCrats get their money and leave Greece and Private investors holding the bag.
(Analogy:  You buy stock.  The stock price tumbles.  You lose money only if you sell the stock.)
What are the austerity measures being inflicted on Greece and upon the Greek people?
We cut your wages
We lose tax revenue
We fire people
We lose more tax revenue
We raise property taxes on people who make less money or no money at all.
We cowtow to the cows who tell us how wonderful we are to bear the burden to save our country.  We feel good about ourselves.  No we don't.  We feel as if we've been Berned. [sic]
and we are Madoff as hell about it.
With my sincere condolences.
Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The EuroCrats' Trojan Plan

The EuroCrats have a plan--Destroy Greece!

This is what the experts had to say in today's NY Times.

Policy makers want to put Greece on a path toward reducing its debt load to just below 100% of its GDP within this decade so it can wean itself off taxpayer bailouts.

The Hope is that much of that reduction would come through revived economic growth.

(They get paid to say things like that.)

This plan has the same academic substance and efficacy as the "policy of analysis past:

They supported the 110 Billion Euro bailout for Greece on the assumption that the Greek economy would grown.  Then they recommended imposting sanctions on Greece to punish them because their "assumptions" were wrong.

Next we learn that German Officals (et. al.) are not opposed to increasing the rescue funds power to leverage its government guarantees.

This sounds like they are not willing to be part of the programme to put money into the rescue fund but will be one of the co-signers on a loan if the fund wants to borrow money to increase its size.  Some ideas don't need any comment.  This is one of them.

Next we notice how the market is responding.  (In real life.)

1.  Greek 2-year notes are at 69.7% because investors "concluded" default is inevitable.

2.  Investors worry that the 440 Billion Euro Bailout is insufficient.

3.  Heavy bank investment resulted in a heavy bank-stock drop.

"Money is not a substitute for management."--Slim Fairview

Investors invest to make profits. Not to mitigate their losses.  Leveraging the stability fund is analogous to the margin buying immediately prior to the Crash of '29.

Robert Burns surely knew what he was writing about.  He must have been writing about the EuroCrats.

But Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!

At some point in time, the EuroCrats must realise that the process is not working.  Thus, Change the Process.  However, NB, at some point in time, the Greeks will realise that the process is not working.  When that happens the resentment and not the debt crisis will spread to Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, et. al.

You cannot see growth in Greece if you make every effort to impede growth and keep the Greek people shackled to poverty by keeping the Greek people shackled to poverty programmes.

That you cannot predict the future is not a proper rebuff to the one who tells you to "get off the tracks, the train is coming".--Slim Faiview

Bon Chance!


Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

Monographs on the Greek Debt Crisis

This is a catalogue of the monographs on solving the EuroCrisis"

In blog fashion, it is in reverse order. Please read from the bottom up.

Did the EruoCrats Do Something About the Crisis?  Yes?  Did it work?  No?  Don’t do that!

Greece: Problem? Solution!

Did the EruoCrats Do Something About the Crisis?  Yes?  Did it work?  No?  Don’t do that!

EruoCrats: It is our policy to fail.

Did the EruoCrats Do Something About the Crisis?  Yes? Did it work?  No?  Don’t do that!

Can Leadership be learned? See: EuroCrisis

Did the EruoCrats Do Something About the Crisis?  Yes? Did it work?  No?  Don’t do that!

EuroCrisis: Hocus Pocus—Focus!

Did the EruoCrats Do Something About the Crisis?  Yes? Did it work?  No?  Don’t do that!

EuroCrisis Analogy

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Monday, September 26, 2011

TeamWork or a Team?

This is true. However, witness a football team.

When the Quarterback gets the ball from the Center, there is no consensus building. Each member of the team has a job to do. Each member of the team does his job, not someone else's job.

The Guards guard. The Tackles tackle. The QB decides whether to pass, run, or hand the ball off to someone in the backfield.

There is no discussion, shared vision, visioning process, concern about group-think, or consensus building.
There is a goal. Sometimes things are too obvious for people to see them.

The actions of the QB are based on rapidly changing conditions. There is no discussion and certainly no committee.

Corporate America has spent Millions on Team Building

And how is it working out for America?  Millions invested....and a vested interest in protecting the turf.

Consensus does not take place in the huddle. Before the huddle, each member of the team has a job to do. That individual responds to the conditions he is confronted with and whatever the QB said in the huddle becomes irrelevant. More on this in a moment. After we discuss...


Trust is important. However, this goes to the underlying basis of that trust.

You may trust me completely, however, if I am a bad football player, an opposing team member will get past me and tackle you. There must be a basis for that trust and in football as in business that basis is the ability to do the job.

Back to the individual having a job to do. His job to do. This is Delegation of Authority. The quarterback does not stand there directing you: Watch out, watch him, block them. Again, the delegation of authority is based on the ability of that team member to do that team member's job.

Back to the millions spent by corporations on team building.

America has spent millions, if not billions, over the decades on diet books, get-rich-quick books, and self-help books. On that basis we should all be skinny, rich, and well-adjusted. We are not. We are fat, poor and dysfunctional. [Well, except perhaps for the people who don't buy diet books, get-rich-quick-books, and self-help books.]

The basis of millions if not billions spent, the credentials of those authors writing those books, and the reception of the public has not justified the pursuit or the expense.

[NB:  While the defence of many is that American companies have spent millions on team building may prove seductive, it is actually taking attention away from what the real message is:  Companies have made millions selling "team building" to American Corporations and are not about to watch the cash cow get grilled.]

We no longer use the empirical method of scientific inquiry. Now, we come up with a theory and seek data to support it. We write a book, prey on gullible people, and use credentials, bogus science, and financial success as compurgation, justification, and validation

Now, how is America doing? How are the EuroCrats doing? Perhaps it is time we abandon the Process. Change the Process. To start:

Everyone who goes around with consensus on his lips should be boiled in his own pudding....! The same goes for those using the word Committee.

If you want team building in your company, buy the book, How to Play Football. Start a company football team, and build a lot of good will among your employees. If you want to succeed in business, run your team like the football team on the field.

As Yogi Berra once said, "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

Watch what happens on the football field. That is what is going on in the business world.

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Greece: Problem? Solution!

Greece has been around a long time. Greece predates Europe. The Greek citizen invented the Senate. The Senate did not invent the Greek citizen.

The current state of affairs in Greece is due, in part to Government ownership--In part. The other part is the notion that when the Government owns everything, everyone owns everything. This is the failed Soviet Style of Communism. The reality is that when everyone owns everything, no one owns anything.

With the Greek Citizen—with no vested interest, there is no interest.

Do you dispute me? I shall refute you.

How hard is the Greek worker fighting for his benefits?

Very hard.


Because his benefits belong to him.

Privatisation is not a dirty word.

While every plan for Greece has involved a bailout, none has involved any capital investment or economic development.

In a recent NY Times article, “The IMF “traditionally” said cutting budget deficits is the solution to the problem. Mr. Summers said Mme Lagarde’s reversal is a welcome change in thinking, emphasizing that we should be establishing a basis for growth.” I assume Mme Lagarde and I are the only two people saying this. Or, perhaps Mme. Lagarde is the only person reading my blogs. Madame goes on to say, “…the markets realize that commitment to cut spending cannot survive a lengthy stagnation.”

The best option for Greece (I have a project not a plan.) is a major economic development project that changes the process.

Let us be honest. The EuroCrats are intelligent, educated, and experienced. Why then have they failed to solve or even mitigate the damages or ameliorate the problems? By the process of elimination, the problem is the process. That must change. In Greek: Δ

The first startling example is that what the EuroCrats are doing to the Greek People can be called “poverty programmes”. The Greek People need “Prosperity Programmes”.

As an aside, I thought that warning of a move to the “right’ would be a consequence for Greece if the problem can’t be solved soon was an overstatement. Then I remembered some American political math. It is analogous.

Dems control Congress + Jimmy Carter = Ronald Reagan.

Dems control Congress + Bill Clinton = Republican turnover in Congress.

Dems control Congress + Barack Obama + Massive GOP turnover in House of Rep.

Okay, I concede. The Greek people can fix the problem now while it is small (by comparison) or wait till there is a real disaster. But I digress.

The difference between the aforementioned Soviet Style Communism and Chinese Communism (Aside from the failure of the former and the success of the latter) is China’s Middle Class.

The divestiture of Greece’s State Owned Assets is crucial to the turnaround in Greece. A limit on foreign ownership of shares in the newly minted, publicly traded companies is also essential.

Some of those assets may include but are not limited to:





With the Greek Citizen owning the asset, the Greek Citizen will have a vested interest in its success. There will be a profit incentive.

Greece; Influx of Tax Revenue without increasing taxes

Relief from Debt and the crushing interest rates

Benefits of the multiplier effect

Reduction in Lenders: Increase in Investors

Increased Capitalisation of Banks

What has been the alternative so far?

The Greek Government

Raised Taxes

Slashed Pensions

Cut State Salaries

Plans to cut jobs and cut pensions again.

Greece still has problems. Why? Because The Greek Government

Raised Taxes

Slashed Pensions

Cut State Salaries.

Someone then told the Government that by lowering wages tax revenues will fall. The Government solution to this was to fire people. This caused a further decline in revenue. To address this, the Government increased property taxes on the unemployed and underpaid. And all of this is the result of Austerity measures imposed on Greece by the EuroCrats who were working to solve the problem. Call me a flawed human being, but I believe the EuroCrats have failed in their mission.

Union busting will not solve the problem.

Labour strikes will not solve the problem.

Firing people will not solve the problem.

Taxes will not solve the problem.

[No country ever taxed its way to prosperity. The mantra during the first two years of Bill Clinton’s first term as President of the United States.]

For further information, please read my blogs on the matter.

Bon Chance!

Sincerest regards,


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Economic Stimulus:

The Multiplier Effect:

the Future of the G 20 in Good Times and Bad

China: The economy and a word beginning with the letter P

Friday, September 23, 2011

The US: Oil, Energy, Housing

US: Oil, Energy, Housing

The Economy has now achieved the mystic quality of the weather: Everyone talks about it. No one can do anything about it. We prepare for disaster. We plan for cleanup. We ride the storm—many lose everything.

The Economy is not the Weather.

“We are going to maximize the impact of our recue fund by leveraging our resources.” [A quote from a EuroCrat published in the WSJ.]

“Having lost sight of our objective we will redouble our efforts.” (My Finance Professor)

“A stitch in time saves nine.” Unknown

You cannot create a plan and sell a plan based on clichés, slogans, and platitudes.

My plan for housing:

The bank stops the foreclosure and rewrites the mortgage with affordable payments which include a balloon payment down the road; for example 2018.

The dead wood comes off the books. The revenue stream continues. The asset stops deteriorating. The bank has money to lend. The municipality maintains a revenue stream. The population decline is abated.

You think my mortgage plan won’t work, eh? Well, “BofA reaches deal to sell….” WSJ: 9/23 C3. Google it, it builds character.

Oil and Energy

The other day, referencing Solyndra, I stated, “Money will not replace management.”

Big Oil buys Solyndra—a metaphor. Big Oil invests in Green Energy, or Clean Energy. What happens? Big Oil avoids the disaster it suffered from its misalliance with Big Auto.

Big Oil and Big Auto were once very cozy. Times change. People began to demand smaller, fuel efficient cars. (Less oil) People began to demand electric cars. (Less oil) Big Auto said, “It’s us or them.” Well, General Strategy said, “Make smaller cars. Develop electric cars.” The rest is History.

Soon, Big Oil will find that General Energy will betray them as well. To Big Oil: You are no John D.

What to do?

Well, the big understanding is “demand.” Okay, here goes. Let’s look at demand.

Plastic Trash Bags (I heard they are bio-degradable now.) Food Containers: “Don’t get mad, get—“I promise not to lose this food container.”

Why the quote, the commercial. Because this is what America buys—Petroleum By-products. (True, soon gasoline will be the by-product, but I digress.)

The demand is there. The demand for energy is there also: residential energy, commercial energy. Thus, I propose a multi-pronged solution.

Big Oil buys Solyndra and runs it as a business and not as a symbolic gesture—an homage to the environment. In plain English: Stop Calling it the Solar Energy Market and start calling it The Energy Market. With an efficient, cost-effective means of production with a built in demand from manufacturing petroleum by-products, you will make it, sell it, and use it to make and products from your own raw material.

Big Oil Provides Green Energy to plants manufacturing Green(ish) products.

R&D expands into plastics. (Remember The Graduate? Then it was Social Commentary. Now it is Economic Strategy.)

Use your Lobby Muscle for tax incentives for

a. Producers and

b. Consumers.

Sincerest regards,


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Thursday, September 22, 2011

EuroCrats: It is Our Policy to Fail

The handling or mishandling of the debt crisis by the EuroCrats proves one thing. The Process is the Problem.

From the IMF we learn that the set of policy choices that are economically viable and politically feasible is shrinking. That is a bold admission.

Further, the IMF acknowledges the market’s negative response but chooses to stay the course. This is wrong.

Still, the bold admission is a good thing. Oftentimes people don’t take bold action until a crisis is impending. Bureaucrats never do.

Now with Belgium, Italy, and Spain heading toward a crisis, why embrace a proven Policy of Failure? One glaring point: A cash infusion into banks that suffered losses due to the debt crisis will only cause the banks to continue to lose what others infuse.

Meanwhile, there is a call for taxpayers to bolster…..! Any call for taxpayers to bolster anything is a lose—lose situation.

If the plan fails, the crisis deepens.

If the plan succeeds, those who pay for the success of others will harbour a deep resentment. If you don’t believe me: Parliament Hampers Merkel Deal Making.

EuroBanks stand to lose €630 Billion. Banks are starting to not trust each other or lend to each other. That is not a good sign either.

The IMF goes on to say that the Global Credit Crisis moved into the Political Phase. Therein lies the punishment for using political considerations to solve the problem in the first place.

Greece and Europe suffer from problems of Austere Proportions.

As I previously stated, “Analysts conceded a €110 Billion bailout for Greece on the assumption that the Greek economy would grow. Then, they called for sanctions to punish Greece because their assumptions were wrong.”

The austerity measures to be imposed by (upon) Greece include a move to reduce public employment.

“There are no unintended consequences, only unwanted consequences.” –Slim Fairview

Such a move will

Reduce tax revenue.

Strain the social safety net,

Negatively impact the multiplier effect; if there is one.

[ ]

Greece may consider some alternatives

Sell state owned assets [to Greek citizens].

Seek Foreign Investors instead of Foreign Lenders. [Asia. Brazil]

Encourage, promote, and support, entrepreneurship for the Greek people.

The Nanny-State mentality in Europe has less to do with benefits and more to do with business. It is easy for a society to become complacent if the jobs are already there whether provided by Big Government or by Big Business. SMEs provide jobs, growth, economic stimulus, and prosperity. Don’t believe me? The headline in the NY Times reads: India Nurtures Entrepreneurship.

Economic Stimulus by Metaphor

Greece can also follow my prescription for the American housing crisis. Only they may wish to expand upon it—tailor it to Greek needs.

Stop Foreclosures

Rewrite Loans at a lower payment rate

Add a balloon payment. [2018, 2019, 2020]

Will all this work?

Did your efforts fail?

The EuroCrats are Intelligent, Educated, and Experienced.

Q: Why the failure?

A: The Process

The meeting of the minds emphasises consensus. The EuroCrats do not need consensus. The EuroCrats need acknowledgement.

“The fact that you cannot predict the future is not a proper rebuff to the one who tells you to get off the tracks a train is coming.” –Slim Fairview

Sincerest regards,


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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rogue Traders and Resumes


Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Rogue Banker Loses $2,000,000,000 Now, I was going to apply for that job, but I didn't really think I was qualified.

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Commentary on Global Political and Economic Events by Slim Fairview
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Armed only with an analytical mind and the ability to speak in metaphors, I attempt to explain the events of the day as I view them through the magic glasses my parents gave me over 50 years ago. Regards, Slim

PS.  I am not Paul Harvey.  However, I am open to becoming a paid commentator, columnist, or blogger.

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Faculty Advisors and HR Managers

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? Faculty Advisor: "Get a good night’s sleep before the interview. You want to be alert and focused."

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? Faculty Advisor: "Be certain to ask interesting questions about the company."

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? Faculty Advisor: "In the interview, sit up straight. Look at the HR. Manager. Speak Clearly. Smile"

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? Faculty Advisor: "Make sure your shoes are polished. Your shirt is pressed. Wear a clean tie."

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? Faculty Advisor: "Make sure you have two copies of your resume. And Proofread them first."

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "Yes, but do you have any actual experience working as a Rogue Trader?"

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "We don't take applications here. You must log onto our company website."

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "Did you play any sports while you were in High School?"

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "I see you switched majors in your junior year. Would you like to share that with us?"

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "You have a nice resume, however, to be completely honest, we feel you are overqualified

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "You have nice credentials, but we're looking for someone with a background in sales."

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "We see you have 5 years of college but no degree? First finish your degree then reapply

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "Please explain all periods of unemployment. Use a separate sheet if necessary."

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Are you qualified to be a Rogue Trader? HR Manager: "Would you like to be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond?"

Slimfairview Slim Fairview
Rogue Banker Loses $2,000,000,000 Now, I was going to apply for that job, but I didn't really think I was qualified.



Amnesty. Oh, yeah, and Anger Management


If we do it to them, they will do it to us.
If we don't do it to them, they will do it to us.

If they do it to us, we shouldn't do it to them because they will do it to us.

If they do it to us and we don't to it to them, they will do it to us.

Where is the part that starts,

If they don't do it to us...?


PS. Nice article.

Noun: An official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses. (Wikipedia)

I like your work, and what you are trying to do.

Should the Libyans grant amnesty to Gadhafi?
Should the Egyptians grant amnesty to Mubarak?
Ought the Iraqi's have granted amnesty to Hussein?

The problem is "The Process". As with the EuroCrats.
They are intelligent, educated, experienced, yet they cannot solve the EuroCrisis. Why not? E-Z. The Process.

This amnesty thing is analogous to a company that brings in anger management classes for all its employees but cannot solve the anger problem. Why not? They never deal with the person who makes everyone angry.



PS.  Please don't forget that tricked out laptop and the few dollars in the envelope thing mentioned at the end of others posts. ;-)  Slim

Friday, September 16, 2011

I Fell Into the Trap

I was thrilled to be invited to attend

Discussing Solutions for America with Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum

"You're invited to a live, national teleforum to talk about real solutions for America's future."

I hung up after 40 minutes.  There were no solutions.  As is too often the case with much of what we are offered, the forum was descriptive and not prescriptive.

Thomas Friedman, writer for The Times, with his co-author gave a brief intro and took questions.

I don't ask questions. I've been watching the process for 50 years.  The reason we can't solve our problems?  The answers never change. The process never changes.  The results are always the same:  The Problems Aren't Solved.

I think about this every time I hear people on the news commenting on campaign chatter as if it were a serious discussion about issues.  It never is.

Case in point.

After watching 40 years of Talk Show Television selling diet books, get rich quick books, and self-help books, we should be thin, rich, and happy.  Instead we are fat, poor, and dysfunctional. If we used the empirical method of analysis, we would conclude they don't work.

Rather, we as a nation, seek data to support our opinions.

We are told, for example, that not every diet book is right for every person.  Okay.  Now, with a thousand diet books, these should be right for those people, those should be right for these people, and others should be right for other people.  Okay?  No.  We are fat, poor, and dysfunctional.  Diet books, get rich quick books, and self help books have failed to deliver on the promise.  We still clutch retentively to the notion that they will help.

We talk about "That used to be us."  We concoct a dreamy Beaver Cleaver ideal to sell a new idea that won't work.  We disparage and discredit Beaver Cleaver, then invoke the success of America's Past.

It may be simplistic, but please bear with me.  The Wright Brothers invented the airplane before the creation of the FAA.  Thomas Edison invented the light bulb by candle light.  The Robber Barons built Eastern Standard Oil, built the Transcontinental Railway, built the West Side Highway, back in the day when conditions were such that we would never tolerate them today.

In short, we fail to concede:  "Everybody knows what everybody knows."  The Quotations of Slim Fairview.

China, as referenced by The President who accurately pointed out that China built the world's largest supercomputer, high speed rail service, and a hydro-electric dam to power the engines of their economy is doing what we used to do.  Why?  Because they can.  What can we do?  If we watch the campaign, we see that we can point fingers at China and say, "Hey, no fair, cheatin'."  [sic]

We cannot do that.  Then we could. Today we cannot.

Today, we do things by committee.  The great evil of modern business.

Here we go.  We built the Hoover Dam.  We created the TVA.  We cannot do that today.  We are not allowed to do that today.  Do I have anything against polliwogs or purple toads?  No.  But they are where we want to be.

Don't believe me, eh?  The Canadian Hydro-Electric Project when Mario Cuomo was Governor of New York.  Clean Energy.  Bullwinkle put the kibosh on that one. And so on.

In a time of crisis, people look to a leader, not a committee.  Leaders lead.  There is no, visioning process, shared vision, "no I in team", combating group-think, or consensus building. Consensus Building is group-think built by a committee.

A tax credit for businesses who hire people? [Create jobs.]  On which planet?

When things go well, we have a home, a job, a car, we don't worry about economics.  When things do not go well, we don't trust your politicians.  What causes the disconnect?  We don't understand economics.  Not the highfalutin economics of college professors, or EuroCrats.  The "explain it to me simple" economics I've been posting on my blog.

The EuroCrats:

They are intelligent, educated, experienced.  The conditions are getting worse!  Why would Europeans trust their leaders if their leaders cannot do the job of solving problems?

Leaders?  Look behind you.  If people are following you, you are a leader.  If they're not, you're not.  That simple.  People are not following the EuroCrats.

Yes, another infomercial. 

Credentials.  I covered that.  If you show up with 5 economists who say do this, someone else will show up with 5 economists who say, do that.  Another infomercial.

The books that are out there?  They are self-congratulatory pats on the back and an insurance policy to protect business leaders in case of a reversal of fortune.

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ps.  Don't forget what I said about the tricked out laptop and the few dollars tucked into the envelope.



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can Leadership be Learned? See: The EuroCrisis

Let's not say learned.  Let's say aquired or developed.

I have been called upon a few times to fill a leadership role.  Usually, ex-officio.  However, as I posted in another discussion, I am a lone wolf style person.
This does not always mean work alone, however.  I have worked with people.  And it is nice.  But I don't aspire to leadership.

A few things are necessary.

1.  knowledge--know what to do on the job.

2.  delegate authority--authority is defined as permission--to others to do a job.

3.  be ready with real help. ("The fact that we have to do something is no justification to do something stupid."  The Quotations of Slim Fairview

Witness the EuroCrisis.

The "leaders" are educated.


Even reasonably intelligent.

Yet, they cannot solve the EuroCrisis.

Why not?  Who will "follow" a leader who does not know what to do?

Europe: Analysis

Is everything "more high, good, better"?  NO

Is everything "More low, bad, worse"?  YES

Why can't they solve the problem?  Who will follow their lead?

Did you ever hear an employee say, "I'm not listening to him.  He doesn't know what he's doing." ?

Now you know why the EuroCrisis exists.

Can leadership be learned?  Well, ask yourself this: Can leadership be taught?  NO

Leadership skills can be developed, not learned.

You can learn the tenets of the "position"  (Of Leadership)  but you cannot learn to be a leader.

From: Slim Fairview

I am interested in working as a paid blogger, a columnist, a commentator. (This in addition to finding someone interested in publishing my novel or producing my screenplay.)

If any of what I've written has been helpful to large corporations or powerful nations, I encourage them to send me a tricked out laptop and to tuck their respective currency into the envelope along with the thank you note.

I don't want to be paid for what I do.
I don't want to be paid for what I know.
I don't want to be paid for what I think.
I want to be paid for the way I think.

ps. If I have been truly helpful to the powerful, the less fortunate will have benefited from the advice in the monographs I've posted.


Slim's View

From:  Slim Fairview

I am interested in working as a paid blogger, a columnist, a commentator.  (This in addition to finding someone interested in publishing my novel or producing my screenplay.)

If any of what I've written has been helpful to large corporations or powerful nations, I encourage them to send me a tricked out laptop and to tuck their respective currency into the envelope along with the thank you note.


ps.  If I have been truly helpful to the powerful, the less fortunate will have benefited from the advice in the monographs I've posted.