Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Gotta Feel for World "Leaders".

The following on Executing Strategy was written for the Corporate Setting.  It applies just as much to Government.  Ours and Others.  And to the EuroUnion.

Impediments to Executing Strategy

I. The first impediment to executing strategy will be others who do not share your vision.

a. Your vision competes with their vision.

b. Your vision contravenes their assumptions.

1. If their strategy is based on their vision, your vision will threaten their position.

2. If their assumptions are repudiated, their reputation will suffer.

II. There will be challenges to the data you use to substantiate your strategy.

a. If you use the methods they use, your results will challenge their competency

b. If you use different methods to arrive at your conclusions their methods will be challenged.

c. Either a. and or b. will diminish either their self image or their image within the company.

1. If you challenge their self-image they will become hostile.

2. If you threaten their image in the company, they will become devious.

All of the above assumes that the people you work with and work for like you.

If they do not, the job of executing your strategy will be even more difficult.

"The Rise or Fall of the Middle Class is a leading indicator of a Country's Future." Slim Fairview from The Quotations of Slim Fairview (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

The Soviet Union:  No Middle Class.  Collapse.
China:  Rising Middle Class.  Economic Growth and Success
India:  Rising Middle Class.  Economic Growth and Success
Greece:  Falling Middle Class.  Economic Turmoil
United States:  Falling Middle Class....It is called the path of the trajectory.

Leadership:  "Look behind you.  If people are following you, you're a leader.  If they're not, you're not."  Slim Fairview.


Bon chance,


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(Still hoping for that job with the EuroUnion.)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Slim Was Right EuroCrats Were Wrong

Cheers and Skepticism Greet EuroDeal.  They always do.  The Elation over a deal, the Deflation over the details.  Plus ca change...

The Headline in the WSJ:  "Will it Work."  Well, does it ever?  No? 

Another quote from a EuroCrat was very disturbing. Very.  "The implementation challenge is higher than  the design challenge."

Translation.  It was easy to come up with a plan.  Implementing the plan will be difficult.


For one reason, there are few details.  There are always "few details."  Why?  Because there are no details. 

How can you implement a plan if you don't know what you are supposed to do?  Yet, the process goes on.  And that word keeps cropping up.  Process.  This is a process problem.

Herein, I am validated.  Again.  Repeatedly.

"Analysts saw lack of measures to boost economic growth as an Achilles Heel."

How often must I say it?

Cut Wages, fire people, increase property taxes--that is not a plan. That is not a project.  That has not worked. That cannot work without an Economic Development Strategy.  A polite way to say projects.  I referenced that several times. It is on my monograph about China's success.  I won't put the link here.  Google it.

The next disturbing statement: Governments don't know if investors will respond well to the "Insurance Plan."  Already the news on that matter is not good. "Default insurance market takes hit."  I am guessing no one saw that coming.  "There are no unintended consequences, only unwanted consequences."  Slim Fairview

EuroPlan.  Try it and HOPE it works.  That is a plan.  That is not a project.  EuroCrats need to think in terms of Projects not Plans.

The Beefed UP bailout Fund has a critical flaw.  Beef up the fund and hope this would be enough to help out OTHER debtor nations.  Did this help Greece?  No?  You need a new and/or expanded approach. 

The Next Move:  New Fund Plan.  Go to Asia for Investors.  Go to Brazil for Investors.  Go to PetroStates for Investors.  This is not, I repeat NOT a strategy to resolve the EuroCrisis:

THIS IS A PONZI SCHEME. How far down the line do the EuroCrats intend to take this strategy?

Quote from a Greek Citizen:  "Greek people are ashamed and angry."  To the Greek Government.  The People are Angry.  The People are Rioting.  Witness the Path of the Trajectory.

To the EuroCrats:

"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."  Santayana.
"Those who never learned history are doomed--period!"  Slim Fairview

The problem with the EuroCrats?  They cannot see the present.

"That you cannot predict the future is not the proper rebuff to the person who tells you to get off the tracks because a train is coming.  In this case, "the" train is coming. 

History is approaching quickly and you cannot see it.  The EuroCrats are like the man who drives into a tunnel, sees two headlights approaching, and says, "I'll just drive between those two motor cycles."  Hey, Guys.  I borrowed that joke from Bozo the Clown.  It seems not to be a joke, now.

There are more than enough monographs on my blog to point you in the right direction.

Bon Chance!




Well, not yet.  However, follow the progression of the tag lines:

Read my blog today or hear it from experts in a month or two.
Read my blog today or hear it from experts in a week or two.
Read my blog today or hear it from experts in a day or two.
Read my blog today, or read it in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow.

Then again, Don't bother asking me.  Everyone always doesn't ask me.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

American't American

Europe:  Austerity.  Bailout

America:  Austerity Bailout

The areas of concern:





Three Solutions

Capital Investment

Economic Stimulus

Multiplier Effect

If you want to cut taxes, this is how to do it.

Eliminate Sales Taxes on Selected Items at Graduated Price Levels:

American made autos below $34,999
Lawn Furniture
Lawn Mowers
Lap Tops

This will stimulate the spending on Main Street. Read: The Multiplier Effect

Breaks for Banks

An example:

1000 homes on the books ready for foreclosure.
Stop the proceedings
Rewrite the mortgages at an affordable monthly payment--with or without a balloon payment.


Large Tax Incentives for Oil Companies who invest in Clean & or Green Energy projects.

By way of metaphor:  Buy Solyndra and run it as a business and not as a symbolic gesture.  You went to B-School.  You know the drill.

Grants for Public Projects


Establish a Federal Legal Team to reviews laws and regulations that impede the building of roads and bridges.

Creates Jobs
Removes people from the benefits roles because they are employed.
Generates revenue for the States through State Income Taxes

Creates a demand for American Made Heavy Equipment.

In order to understand Economic Stimulus and how it works, click the link and read the metaphor:

Bon chance!


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diplomacy? A Piece of Cake.

Back Story

The Cupcake:

The crisis.  There was only one cupcake left. 

The Solution:  One cuts, the other chooses.

My Dad, a smart man but short of Solomon, came up with that "plan".

My sister was too young to make an even cut.  She knew this.  The cutting was left to me.

I was so scrupulous in cutting the cupcake into two even pieces, that my sister could not determine which piece was larger.  My sister was gripped with the fear that she would choose the smaller piece.

My Dad handed each of us half a cupcake and never tried that method again.  Therein lies my Dad's Brilliance!  My Dad never tried that method again.

The EuroUnion
Diplomacy:   A system of such scrupulous adherence to protocol and good manners that everone believes he received the smallest piece of cake.

My sister and I were four and seven respectively.  There is no excuse for what is going on among the EuroCrats.

Bon appetit.



 "If people were more concerned about being respectable and dignified, they could worry less about being treated with dignity and respect." 

"Don't bother asking me, you don't want to hear my opinion, you want to hear your opinion."

From The Quotations of Slim Fairview.  Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

EuroUnion: An Uncivil Union

The EuroUnion will go nowhere without an Economic Development Project.  And, Europe needs both Management and Leadership.

You can't lead if you can't manage.  And the EuroCrats CANNOT manage.

One reason the EuroCrats fail is because no one has confidence in anyone.  Why would they? 

Why would anyone feel confident in the EuroCrats, Merkel at the fore, who have devised a plan, implemented the plan, and presided gallantly over the plan that has perpetuated the decline?

Who, really, has confidence in Angela Merkel?  Who?  Why?  Answer: Because she is rich.

Here is the folksy analogy.

Hey, everyone, Rich Aunt Angela is coming to dinner.  Let's spend more than we can afford and eat less than we need, to curry favour with the Rich Aunt who criticises us for wasting money on frivolity and not eating well.

You cannot cut wages, fire people, raise property taxes and call it a solution.

You cannot approve a bailout on the assumption of growth in Greece, then impose sanctions to punish Greece because your assumptions were wrong and call yourself a leader.  You are not a leader.  And you certainly are not a manager.  You are a failure.  A failure.

Reduce the number of attendees.
Stop sitting in a circle behind flags.
Face the blackboard.
Don't ask questions.
Through question and answer, quest 4 the truth.
Eliminate known failures.
Seek not consensus--seek acknowledgement.

To lift a line from our Founding Fathers:  "We hold these truths to be self-evident."

"It may be a Universal Condition:  We refuse to acknowledge that all alliances and enmities are transitory."  The Quotations of Slim Fairview.  However, The EuroCrats must accept that the Zero-Sum Game is no longer viable. That is the nexus of my ppt. presentation "The Future of the G 20 in Good Times and Bad."  If you watch Cannes, however, you will see my prediction come true.  Nothing will come out of it.

I had had hopes when I read the statement by Wolfgang Schauble adding two more elements to the EuroPlan.

Provisions for Economic Development. (Growth)
Management of the EuroUnion.

It seems neither will come about any time soon. In other words, why bother making the effort to put the umlaut (ä) when writing his name when he will prove to be as big a disappointment as Chancellor Merkel?

It is time for Angela Merkel to step down or for the Germany to leave the EuroUnion.

Bon Chance.


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Resources: Control and Allocation

The impending disaster that awaits:  The Control and Allocation of Resources.

The way these are handled is vital.  It will determine more than the future direction of the Global Economy.  It will determine whether or not there is one.

What to Expect in the Future--If there is one?

To the EuroCrats, The G 20, et. al.

The OWS (Occupy Wall Street) Movement

The Greek Riots.  (Yes, riots!)

The Arab Spring. (You call it the Arab Spring; I call it the Path of the Trajectory.)

The Future: What About the Path of the Trajectory?

As we plan into the future, are we considering the path of the trajectory?
Case in point. The pendulum swings both ways. The farther it swings one way, the farther it swings back.

Globalisation: Will the path of globalisation eventually lead to a path of isolationism?

Information: Will the information that we are relying upon so heavily, eventually become a curse that will lead people to retrench? An information overload can make the information virtually worthless if too much information cannot be accepted as reliable?

Technology: Will the technology that enhances our efforts become so "intrusive" that we are paralysed by its intrusiveness?

Politics: Will the politics of globalisation lead to "Superpower Centers" with a detente between e.g: The Asian Center, The African Center, The Middle Eastern Center, The European Center, The Latin American Center, the North American Center?

Wake up and smell the Starbucks Triple-Shot Cappuccino Venti.  (Extra foamy? Your choice.)

The Resources


Different Global Regions and Spheres of Influence have or will have varying degrees of Control and Methods and means of Allocation.  Understanding this is Crucial.


Latin America

The issue is more than a question of Supply and Demand.  Trust me.  On the matter of resources you have:

The Quantity

The Quality

These will be interjected between the Supply and the Demand: Between Control and Allocation.

Unfortunately, if these are not pressing issues now, they will be when it is too late to do anything about it.  However, Pollyanna said I should give it the Old College Try.

As the G 20 prepares to meet, they will be seeking  propter hoc solutions to the pressing issues dujour:

The Increasing EuroDebt

The Declining EuroZone Economy

The Declining Global Economy

Micro and Macro Economics

Monetary and Fiscal Policies

Investment and Banking Strategies.


Over the past several months, I've been blogging on the problems and the solutions of the EuroCrisis and the Greek Debt Crisis.  I thought, for a moment, I might have made some progress enlightening the EuroCrats"

What did you do?

Did it work?


Don't do that!

Still, after two years of continuous and continual failures, the EuroCrats are still clutching retentively to their ideologies, even as the world around them is changing.  Oops!  It did it again.

There are more than enough monographs posted on the matter.

The optimistic one was "EuroCrats Take Slim's Advice!

I thought, Finally, the EuroCrats will be addressing Economic Development:

If you can believe Wolfgang Schäuble, and it is in my best interest to do so, the EuroCrats will focus on ways to Promote Economic Growth.  This is something heretofore not addressed.  This is what I have been pressing to no avail--up till now.

As the EuroCrats plan to attend their meeting in Brussels, and the G 20 Leaders plan to attend theirs in Cannes, I can safely say that there is little indication that anything substantive will be accomplished.  Certainly not when Prominent Individuals are discussing empowerment, momentum and excitement. (Empowerment?  This is the EuroUnion, not a Nursery School.) 

And Tim Geithner's remark,

"When France and Germany agree on a plan, big things are possible." 

That, I described as "just silly".  It seems to be an updated version of the old Cold War joke: Boris Badenov's, "Plotting big trouble for Moose and Squirrel."

The EuroCrats have pursued a course that is both ineffective and ineffectual.  They refuse to see what is happening let alone what is going to happen.

"That you cannot predict the future is not a proper rebuff to the person who tells you to get off the track--the train is coming." -- Slim Fairivew

I apologise for the "commercial" reference to Starbucks.  However, it was and is necessary.  Both the reference and the coffee.  You EuroCrats and other World Leaders definitely need to wake up.

Bon chance.

Sincerest regards,


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not for the G 20 Only

My PowerPoint presentation, The Future of the G 20 in Good Times and Bad is not the final word on the subject.  It was designed to serve  as a point of departure for the EuroCrats to find the best road into the future.

This is the reason why.  And if you dispute me, I shall point to the Occupy Wall Street Movement as a more than substantial Road Sign.

The Zero Sum Game is no longer viable.  Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, Gaddafi are part of what people are calling The Arab Spring.  I call it, The Path of the Trajectory.

"That one cannot predict the future is not the proper response to the one who tells you to get off the tracks--the train is coming."--Slim Fairview

Previously,  I discussed, resources.  I cited:  Energy, Pharmaceuticals, and Agriculture.  Oil, Medicine, and Food in simplest terms.  In my monograph on "Soft War" I indicated that the control and allocation of these resources will become more crucial.  However, there are other resources to be concerned about:


It is the last one I am concerned with here.  VALIDATION!

Unity will be paramount.  Not EuroUnion style unity, but the style of unity built upon a bedrock of expediency.  (The Future of the G 20--If there is one.)

World Leaders sitting in a circle behind their nation's flags, is an engineered impediment to unity.  I will make that painfully clear to the World Leaders et. al.

The Analogy:

When the typewriter was invented, the technology was not adequate to accommodate the speed of the typist.  The machines jammed.  The solution?  The QWERTY  keyboard to slow the typist down to the level of the machine.

World Leaders are the Technology.
People are the Typists.

This was illuminated in my monograph: A New World Order--A World Without Borders.

As world leaders are sitting in a circle, hiding behind flags, humanity is bonding through a virtual citizenship.  The new nation?  NETOPIA.

The World's Population is not wrapped in a variety of flags.

World Leaders are in hot pursuit of Symbolic Gestures. Individuals, people, are in hot pursuit of substantive gains.  Guess who wins?

While The EuroCrats are wallowing in a discussion about The Greek Debt Crisis and Business Leaders are still discussing whether or not social media reduces productivity, The Hip, Cutting Edge, Tech People like me are blogging.

These matters have been discussed on my blog.  It should not be necessary for me to hold anyone's hand and lead him down the blog with a series of Tweets with Links.

Witness the Greek Riots, Witness the OWS movement, Witness the Path of the Trajectory (also known as  The Arab Spring).

Bon Chance.

Sincerest regards,


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

EuroCrats Take Slim's Advice!

Finally!  It was a struggle, but the EuroCrats are finally taking my advice.  Maybe now they will offer me a job.  Or not.

If you can believe Wolfgang Schäuble, and it is in my best interest to do so, the EuroCrats will focus on ways to Promote Economic Growth.  This is something heretofore not addressed.  This is what I have been pressing to no avail--up till now. 

The absence of ways to promote economic growth has been the cornerstone of the EuroCrats' failure to improve the EuroZone economy or at least stem the decline.  Things may now change.  However, (for those who've read the monograph on my blog) there is still the EuroGlitch.  Now, however, I can report that that glitch is not merely a misalliance between France and Germany. It is a sword that hangs over everyone's head.

From the Manchester Guardian:

Schäuble said a final package would not be in place until the G20 world leaders' summit in Cannes next month. His comments dismayed investors concerned that Berlin and Paris have failed to grasp the magnitude of the eurozone's debt crisis.  [ Hold that thought. ]

From the Manchester Guardian: 

However, his strong insistence on bank recapitalisation and a restructuring of Greek debt suggests this will not be a painless or a quick outcome. More importantly, he is defending the German approach to the debt crisis and is very robust when talking about the failings of financial markets and the need for fresh regulation.

I will leave both quotes where they are.  You can remember them and apply them at the appropriate time.

On The Merkel Plan, Steffen Seibert, spokesman for Angela Merkel, reported "Those are working steps".  Translation:  We created a plan that will take a long time hoping the crisis resolves itself somewhere along the way.  In short, they are back to "hope as a plan".

The real problem, which I alluded to only briefly, and even then inadvertently, is Chancellor Merkel.

Chancellor Merkel has been playing Dionysus, dangling swords over everyone's heads.  Perhaps the Chancellor should be the banquet guest instead:

Angela Merkel's strict demands for Greek Austerity, (Without the brand new concession to Economic Development) imposed great hardships on Greece.  This inspired my monograph, The EuroCrats' Trojan Plan:  Destroy Greece. 

You cannot, fire people, cut salaries, raise property taxes, and call it a solution to the problem of Greek Debt.

Angela Merkel's step to bolster the EuroFund with no scraps for France, inspired the monograph, The EuroGlitch.  It arose from the comment, "Why should German taxpayers bailout a French Bank that is going to compete with a German Bank".

To France:  You may bring the food, but you may not eat any of the food because I am rich.

Additional demands mandated that I point out that:

"Investors invest money to make profits not to mitigate losses."

This arose from the Demands that Private Investors bear a greater burden in the Greek Debt Bailout (Up to 50%).

This suggests that the EuroCrats said to the EuroBanks, "We will give you more money so you can make more bad loans."  I must wonder, is this before or after the 50% losses they must endure?

To the Private Investors:  Just Send Money--not ideas.

Moody's just warned of a downgrade for French Banks.

EuroBanks have divested themselves of Greek Debt.  Not so, France.

France faces a downgrade.

France is left holding the bag.

However, all is not lost.

You have read my comments on the EuroCrisis, The EuroMess, The EuroGlitch, Project Greece, et. al. (Perhaps you even read my monograph Point Taken.) 

You may remember my derision of such remarks by Tim Geithner as: 

"When France and Germany agree on a plan, big things are possible."  (Well, that's just silly.)

Now, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Old Plan

Recapitalise the Banks

Bolster the Bailout Fund

Bailout for Greece.

The New Plan

Recapitalise the Banks

Bolster the Bailout Fund

Bailout Greece

Develop ways to promote economic growth

Strengthen the management of the EuroZone.


Develop Ways to Promote Economic Growth

Strengthen the Management of the EuroZone

Why didn't they simply listen to me in the first place?  Alas, no. 

"Don't bother listening to me.  Everyone always doesn't listen to me." Commentary on Global Political and Economic Events by Slim Fairview.  Read my stuff today or hear it from experts in a month or two. Slim

Bon Chance.



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Monday, October 17, 2011


The EuroMess is not the Debt Crisis

The EuroMess is the mismanagement of the EuroCrisis. 

I said the other day, The EuroCrats are acting like monkeys chasing their own tails and chattering with delight when they catch them.  Now the aren't even catching their tails. Still, they are chattering with delight.

The EuroCrats Craft a new plan

Broad ambitions but short on specifics.  Still, they are delighted because it is a comprehensive plan.

It certainly is a safe plan, even if it won't work.  How do I know it won't work? 

Let us review the plan:

Higher Bank Capitalisation.

Beef up the bailout fund.

Bailout for Greece.


Did they do this before?  Yes.

Repeatedly?  Yes.

Did it work?


Enough said?


Enough said!


How do the investors feel?

The investors were elated when the new plan was announced, but their elation was deflated when they learned there are no details.

There is, however, a technical term for this:  Technical Finalisation".

But wait, there's more!

The EuroCrats rely on Private Investors to provide hundreds of billions of Euros that the fund cannot replace.

Berlin demands Private Investors take bigger losses.

Can anyone make space in his head for anyone who tries to explain how Germany is a help to the EuroZone?

I get the impression I am watching a family get together where the Rich Relatives eat the food that the Poor Relatives provided to curry favour.  For what reason I will never know.

"Mama may have; Papa may have; but God bless the child that's got his own--that's got his own."  God Bless the Child--Billie Holiday.

Tim Geithner: 

"When France and Germany agree on a plan, big things are possible"

Is this Tim Geithner the Economist or Tim Geithner the Brush salesman?

China, Russia, India, Brazil offer to help.

That would appear to be a good thing.  Still, that is short on Technical Finalisation.   Let us all wait to see what happens.  [ This does beg the question:  If Emerging Nations contribute to the bailout, what happens to the economies of the emerging nations? ]

"There are no unintended consequences. Only unwanted consequences."  Slim Faiview.  From The Quotations of Slim Fairview Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

Please refer to my blog for more details on these and other matters related to the failure of the EuroCrats to solve the crisis.

They are


In short, they have "credentials". 

Why then the failure?  Because they are clutching retentively to their ideologies.  The problem will never be solved by a plan.  Only by a project.  Nouns do not solve problems.  Verbs solve problems.  We need technocrats.  Not ideologues.

Bon Chance.



Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project Greece!

I have often criticised what has been written for being descriptive and not prescriptive.

Thus: Here Goes.

Greece does not need a plan.  Greece needs a project.  An economic development project.

I have often excoriated the EuroCrats for many things.  Among them, for trying to destroy Greece.  Most recently, for acting like monkeys chasing their own tales.

Here is a project.

To the EuroCrats:

If you don't like it, ignore it.
If you don't like it, tweak it.

Don't waste your time arguing with me.  I do not discuss, debate, or defend my conclusions.  And I certainly don't waste time "talking about it."  The last is the infection that is rotting away at the core of America.  Certainly you should not find satisfaction in America's financial problems.  If you feel you look good by comparison, you don't


Divestment or divestiture of Government owned assets.

Big Business and Big Government worship at the same church.  You are no better off if the Government owns the business than you are if the plutocrats own the business.

This includes but is not limited to:

The Power Company

The Bus Company

The Phone company

(If any of the above are not owned by the government, I apologise.  Now let's move on.)

Onwership of the aforementioned businesses by the Greek people.  Not through a public entity but rather a private one.

Offer the workers of the aforementioned:

A job with the company.

Ownership of stock in the company.

A Profit Sharing Plan

Health Benefits.

A Retirement Plan

There is incentive when a person working for the company gets a share of the profit.

The Government will receive revenues from Corporate Taxes, Income taxes, and Capital Gains taxes.  This is how the Greek People will help to support the government that will in turn help the people of Greece.

Limit Foreign Ownership of Stock in the Companies.


Offer incentives for Foreign Investors who start companies in Greece that

Create Jobs for Greek Citizens

Manufacture Export Products to help reduce or eliminate a Balance of Trade Deficit.

If you are not already doing it, create a small business association organisation to help Greek Citizens open businesses to own and operate

Greek Tourism Offices
Greek Tourist Sites
Greek Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Greek Economic Development Councils

Promote Junior Year Abroad and Summer Session for Foreign Students who want to study

These are only a few Projects that can be worked into the EuroWizards' Plans to save Greece.

Bon Chance.


Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

Alors! EuroCrats: Man Up or Move On!

The EuroCrats have finally sunk to a new low.  Even for the EuroCrats. 

They have a new plan

Sell the old plan like a sales manager at a pep rally for brush salesmen.


Did you do it before?


Did it work?


Don't do that!


Did you do it before?

Hip, hip hooray.

Did it work?

Hip, hip hooray.

Don't do that?

The reason why it didn't work is because we didn't have enthusiasm.  We didn't have momentum.  We were not excited about the product.

The WSJ: Reports from the EuroZone

The new plan is built on three central elements:

A new bailout for Greece,

An effort to shore up the banks affected by Greek losses - and potential future losses from other troubled euro zone countries

Additional firepower for the bloc's bailout fund, to provide a reassuring backstop.

That is the same plan.  What changed?  The enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the New York Times Headline News

G-20 Seeks Broader Solution for Europe Debt Crisis

François Baroin, the French finance minister, said after talks on Friday that officials had “already come to some agreements that will be very important,” but he did not elaborate.

Other quotes included enthusiasm and momentum.

At this point in time, the EuroCrats look like monkeys chasing their own tails and chattering with delight when they catch them.

There is nothing new but the flavour of a brush salesmen pep rally.

The EuroCrats are wallowing in their own academic lethargy, indolence, and sloth.  Despite the fact that they are all intelligent, educated, and experienced, they are still clutching retentively to their ideology like a two year old with his hands down his diaper.

The EuroCrats will not solve the problem with a multi-national dog & pony show; an empowerment & dignity festival; or a Smörgåsbord.

Since you refuse to take a great , bi, fat, hint and a half, I will take the initiative for you.

I will be posting a Greek Economic Development Project very shortly.

If you don't like it, IGNORE IT.
If you don't like it, TWEAK IT.

However, don't waste your time arguing with me.  You had a dozen chances.  You kept doing the same thing time and time again.

Did things get more high, good, better?


Did things get more low, bad, worse?


Don't do that stuff, anymore.

As I said before, "Put me in charge.  I can do just as bad a job, but I can come up with much better excuses.  The dog ate my economic development report."

Bon chance.


ps.  Did a French bank suffer a rating downgrade?  Did I not tell you that would happen?

Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

Thursday, October 13, 2011


"I have one word for you, Ben.  Plastics."

That line, from The Graduate, with Dustin Hoffman, has been cited as an indicator of a world that was shallow, superficial, and--well--plastic.

Today, PLASTIC may well be a cornerstone of Third World Development.  Literally.

Into the Shredder. 

Into the Grinder. 

Into the Blender. 

Into the Extruder. 

Voila.  Synthetic Railroad Ties. 

This will save trees. 

Cut down on Shipping costs. 

Cut down on Labour Costs.

Provide Jobs.

And....that is a product that is recyclable.  BONUS!

If heavy, ugly pipe can be used to move oil and (dare I say it--combustible gas) Some plastics can be used to move water to:

Irrigate Crops.

Water the Livestock

Quench a thirst.

Promote Hygiene

You know?  Good Stuff.

Plastic can be used to build



Small Factories






Plastic Products won't dissolve into the environment.

Can be recycled.

Are easy to form into products.

Can create jobs in SMEs for a growing population.

Of course, there are people who hate third world people but can't come out and say it.  Therefore, instead, they will launch an assault against the industry on ideological grounds, environmental grounds, or--most detestable of all--competitive grounds (If you make stuff from other stuff, you don't want people making stuff from plastic.) with a celerity unmatched by those who are trying to solve the problem.  (There is a sentence in there somewhere. Some assembly required.)

Oh, and by the way, this fits into my suggestion that Big Oil invest some of its profits into other areas.  One was Green Energy.  Remember?  I suggested they buy Solyndra and run it as a business and not as a symbolic gesture?  Well, Big Oil ByProducts include....wait for it...Plastic!

Sincerest regards,


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Oops! EuroGlitch

Chancellor Merkel:  Why use German taxpayer money to bail out a French bank competing with a German bank?

Here is the metaphor.

Imagine Germany as the lead man climbing a cliff.

France is the number two guy.

France is being pulled down by number three.

France asks Germany for help.

Germany won't help because France might get to the top first.

France falls and pulls Germany down with her.

Is Merkel the problem?

Some things work and some things don't work. 

"Austerity impedes the growth necessary to expand the economy beyond the debt load" -- Slim Fairview

"Expansion can come only from the growth arising from economic stimulus."  --Slim Fairview

"Everybody knows what everybody knows." --Slim Fairview

Perhaps more people in the EuroZone should be scanning my blog.



PS  Sometimes it is tempting for the strong to cut off the weak member.  Other times it may be better for the weak to cut off the strong member.


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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Who Controls Which Resources?

This is a crucial question.  Why?  Because how resources are allocated will determine more than Global Economic Direction.  It will determine survival.

Economic Resources

Economic resources are learned at an early age.  In fact, as early as DayCare.

What are the topics of concern?

The Source of the Resources.

The Quantity of the Resources.

The Quality of the Resources.

The Control of the Resources.

The Allocation of the Resources.

The Demand for the Resources.

Simple stuff, eh? 

Back to DayCare

A few years back, social scientists released the results of a study suggesting that children in DayCare are more aggressive than stay-at-home children.

This did not elicit a response.  This elicited a reaction.  The result?  A learning opportunity was lost.  The lesson not learned is about economics. [It did, however, reveal a crucial resource--validation.  More on that later.]

In a DayCare Centre you have fixed resources and variable, and unpredictable, demand.


5 Paint & Easel Sets

5 Colouring book & Crayon Sets

1 Set of Blocks.


Monday:  Six boys want to paint.  One is left out.

Tuesday:  The boy who missed out on Monday scrambles for one of the Paint & Easel Sets--only to learn that the five other boys opted for the Colouring book & Crayon Sets; or worse, Building a fort with the blocks.

Some boys are naturally more aggressive. Others are more passive.  Some end up playing solitaire with the teacher.

Everyone can't be the leader

What makes a leader?  "Look behind you.  If people are following you, you're a leader.  If they're not, you're not." --Slim Fairview.

The teacher can schedule and allocate the resources.  However, this will stifle the development of leadership and of negotiating skills.  It will impede cognitive development and individual growth.  It will disrupt group harmony--yes it will!  Finally, it won't work.  No one wants to follow the person that the teacher put in charge.

The Stay-at-Home Child


The stay-at-home child has toys.  However, he can also see "a growth curve".  A birthday, Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa are coming in from Indiana to visit.  The growth curve may be intuited, however, it does exist.


The stay-at-home child can, in a manner of speaking, control the demand.  Invite one friend?  Invite two friends?  Also, he allocates the resources.  Let's review the list:

The Source of the Resources.

The Quantity of the Resources.

The Quality of the Resources.

The Control of the Resources.

The Allocation of the Resources.

The Demand for the Resources.

Market Disruptions

There are, however, market disruptions.

"Surprise, Tommy, your cousin is coming for a visit!!"

Mommy smiles.

Tommy Smiles.

Experience kicks in.

Which cousin?

Steven with Aunt Polly or Odious with Aunt Bertha?

Tommy learns to make value judgments.

Mom cannot "sell" Cousin Odious and Aunt Bertha.

Neither cousin is deprived.  Steven has manners.  Odious does not.  View  those facts as prevalent characteristics of a demographic subset--Norms!

How Resources are Allocated and the Effect. Utility

I once said, "I learned more about management from reading novels than I did from reading textbooks."

It would be too simplistic to describe Dr. Zhivago skulking home with wood concealed beneath "Gogol's Overcoat".  No, we need more than that.

Heinrich Böll's, Group Portrait with Lady, illustrates my point more effectively.

In the novel, Leni Pfeiffer, works as a florist.  Coffee is rationed.  Each co-worker makes his or her own coffee. To make the coffee last, each of her co-workers adds chicory to the coffee.  What is crucial is the ratio of coffee to chicory.  Those using more coffee are viewed suspiciously by those using more chicory.  A potent image.  A bad omen.


You are just in time to arrive at a very important meeting.

There is a parking space in front of the building.

The traffic warden is down the street and heading your way.

You park--you have 8 quarters in the console.

You open the console.  There is 10 dollar bill a note:

"Needed change.  You made a 500% return on your investment.  Ha, ha."

This is not funny.

You see a panhandler.  You offer him $10. for four quarters.

One metaphorical dollar has a value of $10.  Why?  Form Utility.

The panhandler starts to haggle.

You tell the panhandler if he doesn't agree to the deal, you will get in your car and drive away.  He will have only one dollar and not ten.  He agrees to the deal.

In two minutes, those four quarters will have no value.  Time Utility.

You are now prepared to go into the meeting with the ability to make your point with both authority and clarity.  You can paint a picture.

Supply and demand.
Form Utility
Time Utility

This is all more than a EuroZone issue.  This is a Global Issue.


The EuroCrats no doubt know the principles of economics.  The problem arises from the lack of ability to apply that knowledge to real problems in a real way.

This brings us to the point I touched on earlier:


First, if you never read the fable "Stone Soup" Google it now and read it.  The story is an old one.  The story is a European one.  The EuroCrats have forgotten it.

The EuroZone nations are more focused on symbolic gestures than they are on substantive gains.  They are seeking personal and professional and national validation.

I will make it simple.

You have a problem.

You do something.

The problem gets worse.

You do the same thing.

The problem gets worse.

1st step:  Don't do that!

"The fact that we must do something is no excuse to do something stupid." -- Slim Fairview.

The Zero-Sum game is no longer viable.  It is a deadly game.

Let us review.

The Source
The Quantity
The Quality
The Control
The Allocation
The Demand

And, of course, the Validation.

Bon Chance.


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Saturday, October 8, 2011

USPS 1st Class Incompetence

As I was preparing a monograph on Postal Problems and Possible Solutions a new problem arose just this morning.

For a year and a half, my wife and I lived in a very small resort community. We were, according to the law, residents and not "hotel guests".

We moved. We filled out a forwarding form. Our mail was forwarded for a few weeks. Then we received this note in an envelope with some mail:

[ Name of Resort ] is considered a business the Post office doe not allow ind Forward out of a Business. Please Fix your mail will be unable to forward.

How do I explain this to someone who works as a manager for the USPS?


I live at the Sunnyside Apartments.
I am a renter.

I move.

I have my mail forwarded.

Sunnyside Apartments is a business.

Does that mean the Post Office won't forward my mail?


Now, this begs the question. What does this mean: "Please Fix your mail will be unable to forward."

Should I go on to illuminate from the inside?

I worked for the USPS as a letter carrier for a few years. (Until it became unbearable.)

Case in point.

A new guy was going to do one of my routes.

The route had a large loop requiring the use of "Relay Boxes"

You drop of a bundle of mail in each of three boxes and begin the route.

You deliver, say, 60 houses. You open the relay box and get mail for the next 60 houses. Then for the next 60. Then the next 60. This puts you back at your jeep.

This pattern requires a "Z" pattern of delivery. E.g.

1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 13, 15, 17, 19....and so on.

You start on one side of the street, deliver 5 or six houses, go back to the beginning of the street, deliver 10 or 12 houses, go back to where you left off, and so on. This is, yes, an efficient way of delivering this type of loop. If you have this information before you go out to deliver the route. Then management interferes.

I am explaining this to the carrier. Or trying to. The Manger comes over to offer wisdom:

"Fifteen minutes on the street is worth more than an hour in the office."

Oh, yeah......

The carrier came back two hours late. He delivered 60 houses, ran out of mail, went back to the jeep to get more. He delivered 60 houses, went back to the jeep to get more. You get the idea.

Later, the carrier foreman told me that the carrier being late was my fault. "The mail was out of order."

Well, yes it was. It was supposed to be. Also, the carrier should have known about relay boxes.

The Postal Service will never solve its problems until it implements an efficient way of getting rid of managers who simply can't manage.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must try to fix my mail.

I will keep you updated on the Sectional Center Manager's Lack of Capacity to Fix the Problem and to keep Postal Management Incompetence At the Fore.

Sincerest regards,

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Third World First, Okay?

The Third World, once referred to as emerging, are not emerging anymore--they are falling back into disaster.

With One Million Refugees and almost 600,000 children about to die as a result of starvation, there is an indisputable need for a change in the process. (The same as with Europe only more urgent and with more dire consequences.)  What is needed is a pro-active project to move people forward. (The same as with Greece only more urgent and with more dire consequences.)

That massive quantities of Food Aid is desperately needed is a given.  No dispute.  However, food alone will not solve the problem.  There are no additional efforts with a realistic approach to accomplish anything substantive or sustaining.

An analogy would be to think of the problem as if it were a river.  The problem is like a flooding river.  The river never stops flowing and the erosion is constant.

The river never has the opportunity to enrich the fertile lands around it and the fertile lands become arid and barren.  Get the picture?

The people who are suffering cannot congregate and impact, but rather must disperse and enrich.  This cannot happen without the tools for development. (Op. cit. my monograph on Greece.)

In addition to FOOD AID  (a given which for some reason needs repeating) we need a project (not a plan) a project to aid the disaster stricken.

A good start is "Cottage Industrialisation".  This is real, not symbolic.

Sandal Makers
Health care helpers
Animal Husbandry Leaders
and certainly....above all....TEACHERS!

To that list we can add scientists and communications experts.

Why the problem?

The rest of the world gives Africa either the bare minimum of aid or a great deal of aid in an ad hoc effort to stave off a Global Public Relations Disaster.  However, the rest of the world refuses to give Africa the Application Specific Assistance at the human level.

Regional aid, National aid, Population aid--none of which helps one person earn a living in his or her village, is the palliative to ameliorate the guilt.

The only time that "nations" go beyond that is when we witness private industry exploitation of natural resources aided and abetted by an oppressive regime.

Corporate development exploits


Profits go to

Oppressive Leaders

People do not profit.
People are scarcely appeased.
Future economic development and growth and progress are squelched.
Civil rights continue to be violated.
Personal initiative is thwarted.

The There is Health

Health and Pharmaceuticals are Crucial for Third World Survival.

Emergency Medical Triage
Preventive Medicine and Medication
Pharmaceutical R&D
Medical Education.  Teaching People How to Teach  Medicine.

In addition we need Medical Research Co-Operation & a Global Hospitalisation Programme.

Why the Impediment to Implementing a Solution?

You will have to Google this to find the name of the economist who said it, however, here goes.

We favour the rich more than the poor, not because we want to be rich.  We favour the rich more than the poor because we want to have people who are less fortunate than we are.  This serves as a buffer between us and the disaster that they suffer.

Guess what?  That will no longer be an emotional lollipop.

There is what is known as "The Tipping Point".

Fix the problem now, while it is merely gargantuan, rather than wait until it devours the world.

Sincerest regards,


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