Thursday, January 31, 2013

Old Mall, New City

The gloom and doom being reported is the decline of the mall.  


1. On-line retailers are taking business.
2. There is not enough investment capital.
3. There are not enough entrepreneurs.
4. Everyone is going into tech.
5. The bad economy.

Herein: A Shift in the Paradigm.

Do you own a mall?  Is traffic down? Are businesses going out of business?  Do you find that you can no longer command the high rent from your tenants? If you said yes to some or all of these, here is a solution.

The Mall is the New City.

The population  has shifted to the suburbs.  And now, with town-houses moving more and more people into less and less space, the downside to cities is manifesting itself.

  • High prices
  • Far Drive
  • Expensive to park the car
  • Walking outside in good weather and bad
  • Crime
The Solution:  The Mall is the New City

1. Restaurant Row.

Your mall can be the city street catering to those who want the dining out experience.
Chinese, Indian, Mexican.  The Steak House, the Vegan Experience, the Bistro.  You can do the "chain" experience if you want to: P. F. Chang's, Benihana, Outback, Red Lobster, or you can  go with restaurateurs.

2. Entertainment

The Date Night Experience requires entertainment.  At one end, The Jazz Club; at the other end; The Blues Club; The Country Western Corral.  The Multiplex can be replaced with several theatres throughout The Mall.

3. The Experience

For the ambitious, we can turn one wing of the mall into Bourbon Street; another street into Broadway; another street into The Avenue des Champs-Élysées.  

"Flower for the pretty lady, Mr?"

While we may have no street cars we can, with the right mall and the right conversion, have a canal for the Gondola.

4. The Summation

The Mall can be the perfect alternative for those who want the city experience.  Everything from  a stroll down a clean, safe, street with many options.  For some, you can provide the Valet Parking Entrance.  For small groups, the built-in Limousine Service.  For the "safe ride home" taxis waiting at the  stand outside the mall.

As we watch mall traffic decline, the roi on the investment declining, the path of the trajectory looking less attractive, it is about time we stopped thinking outside the box and started thinking inside the mall.

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