Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sales Force Turnover?

I just replied to a tweet from someone who posed the question about turnover among his sales people. I will share my replies. 

  • Be up front about compensation and lead generation 

  • Be up front about sales figures, sales cycles & about leads. 

  • Be up front about Training, your products, and about the Competition. 

  • Don't irritate your sales people with pep talks & platitudes during down cycles just because the Sales Mgr is looking to make his override on marginal increments. 

The same comments about for sales targets and sales goals. Your sales people know what's going on out there.

Sales is a numbers game

Don't hire too many sales people who will compete with each other in the same customer pool. Refer to comments on the Sales Manager's Override.

If there is a down-turn in sales, don't look at the sales force first. Look at the Sales Manager first. 

Address the complaints from the sales force. Don't just listen. 

Don't placate. Investigate. 



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