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China: QE and Emerging Nations

Is it possible for the "Chinese Central Bank" to launch a bond buying programme for companies listed on the Chinese exchanges to enable them to start a stock buy-back programme to bring up their prices?

This will help small and large investors  

recoup their losses  

restore confidence in the economy, 

restore confidence in the markets and 

Restore confidence in the Government

This will refocus the Chinese Economy on:

Capital Investment

Economic Development &


And will:

Help to rebuild the infrastructure

Increase employment

Increase the consumer class

Increase the investor class &

Reposition China in the Global Market

The Next Challenge is Here

Looking at the change in the global landscape requires comment.  I have included my article The Next Challenge is Here in this article. 

At the end, I've included links to related articles.

First:  This in an Economics Lesson.  Focus on the Economics ONLY!

The haves are increasing arithmetically. The have-nots are increasing geometrically.

The real challenge is not the difference in the number of dollars between the haves and the have-nots.

The real challenge is the difference between the number of people between the haves and the have-nots.

This is not a sustainable model. Period!

What Politicians discuss is only what Western Nations can wrap their brains around.

Politicians say Mexicans take jobs Americans don't want.

Politicians say people in the Middle East are escaping war, genocide, and starvation.

Politicians say that migration in parts of Asia is the results of ethnic groups escaping ethnic based violence.

And of course, the scourge of the Earth, human traffickers.

Now, Remember when I said the real challenge is the difference in the number of people between the haves and the have-nots.

To grasp the concept, we will reference a few principles of physics to establish the metaphor.

We are witnessing an incontrovertible law of physics.

1.  People are moving from a greater concentration to a lesser concentration.  The high-density impact on emerging nations.  Populations are increasing--land mass is not.

2. Money. Money in the industrialised nations will reach  a saturation point if it has not done so already.  At this point, it will be necessary to move money from industrialised nations to emerging nations.

This was one of the proponents in my article Greek Proposal. The article is located here along with Dear. Mr. Varoufakis, and Antigone Defeats Merkel. To understand Europe, one must read Antigone Defeats Merkel and, by extension, Antigone. To understand Merkel and Germany, one must read The Anatomy of Human. Destructiveness. by Erich Fromm. 

FOUR STRATEGIES (The First Three are Wrong)

     1.  Protect your stuff from people who don’t have stuff.

     2.  Share your stuff with people who don’t have stuff.

     3.  Share other people’s stuff with people who don’t have stuff.

     4.  Help People Who Don’t Have Stuff to Get Their Own Stuff.

While history is rife with disasters that were caused by ignoring the challenge, this time may be different.

Not because I say so; but rather because 5 Billion “have nots” say so.

This time, the world cannot ignore the message.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Santayana.

“Those who never learned history are doomed—Period! Slim Fairview.

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