Friday, July 29, 2011

A Brief Word About Project Management

The main difference between a project manager and project management is [for those who understand management] the difference between having someone in charge and having everyone in charge.

Projects will get managed, albeit poorly, without a MANAGER.

Some companies don't want to pay for one.

Other companies want someone to assume the responsibility if there are problems.

Nature abhors a vacuum--some individuals manage by default. 

Are we talking about Hiring a Project Manager? Project Manager Wanted.... or about assigning someone to manage the project. 

"We're putting you in charge of the project. [Oh ,boy!]  You don't have any authority over anyone in charge of any aspect of the project, you're just a sort of errand boy. I am putting you in charge because I lack the (real) authority, confidence, and ability to manage those guys, so I am letting them run amok and they need a flunky. You're it."

Real life is not pretty. 

If you can't fire anyone, you are not the Project Manager. 

Internal promotions negate any authority imputed to the manager of a project. 

 Or as I like to say....

"Everybody knows what everybody knows." From the Quotations of Slim Fairview (c) 2011





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