Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to Motivate an Underperforming Team

The capable team is under-performing. What do you do?

Capable on what basis?

If the team is under-performing than the team is not capable. Perhaps the individuals are capable.

Review the goals, yourself. Alone. Establish what has been accomplished, the timetable, the deliverables as some call them, then interview each member of the team for a programme review update. Perhaps to "help you prepare your report".

This should help you uncover which individuals are under-performing.

Here are some hints:

The self-appointed leader. He decides that he can help other people do their jobs better and keeps "taking charge of the situation".

The expert. He confuses being belligerent, argumentative, and rude with constructive dialogue (or spirited debate.)

The theorist. Enabler, Empowerment and dignity person. This individual will sidetrack the individual or the group by shifting emphasis to team members feeling good about themselves. (This done to compensate for the lack of self-esteem.) By focusing on how individuals feel is supposed to make them better team members. It also shifts emphasis from the goal to the individual.

The fact checker. This individual will impede the group's performance with constant attention to detail and review. (Important? To an extent. Not to the extent that nothing gets accomplished.)

The "discusser". This individual feels that anything and everything that comes up should be thoroughly discussed.

The Boss who doesn't want to remove people from the group because he

a. doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings;

b. doesn't want other members of the group to feel insecure about their position;

c. doesn't want to appear harsh; but mostly

d. is afraid his boss will wonder about his competence if he had to remove someone he chose to be a member of the team.

Good luck.


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