Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pakistan: Friend or No?

I have two skills.  An analytical mind and the ability to speak in metaphors.


We have a round table and two chairs on the front porch.  In addition to Trygg, our cat, Trygg has about 8 to 10 free-range friends who show up regularly for breakfast and dinner.

Trygg likes to come and go through the window.  There is a latch.  I open the latch and push the window out.  Trygg jumps from the table to the chair and in through the window.  The other cats see this.  Only Buddy is influenced.

Buddy likes to stand up on the window sill, to try to push the window open.  He leaves paw prints on the outside of the window.  When I open the window for Trygg to come in, I leave fingerprints on the inside of the window.  The window gets dirty.

Now, the window needs to be washed.  If I wash the inside of the window first, Buddy looks like the culprit.  If I wash the outside of the window first, I look like the culprit.

My wife keeps tabs on what is going on.  Guess which side of the window I wash first?  However, as I said, my wife monitors the situation.  I am not going to fool my wife by washing the inside of the window first.

We are not going to make Pakistan look bad by washing our side of the window first.  We cannot claim we are washing our side of the window first, so we can better see where the outside needs to be cleaned.

Pakistan?  Friend or No?

I say,  friend.

Sincerest regards,


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