Friday, August 19, 2011

EuroCrisis Analogy

You and your two sisters have been asking your parents for an allowance.

They have resisted.  They have explained that you are not responsible.  However, they will discuss it privately.

A few days later, they call you and your two sisters to a meeting.  They announce that they will give you an allowance.  There are three conditions:

1.  You save some.

2.  You spend some.

3.  You give some to the less fortunate.

You all agree.  Happily.

You ask, “How much to we get?”

Your Dad explains. 

“Your Mom and I are putting all the money into a shoebox.  You may each take your allowance from there.”

Your one sister takes money out to buy two blouses.  She puts $10.00 in her Piggy Bank.

Your other sister takes money out to buy one blouse.  She puts $5.00 in her Piggy Bank.

You go to the shoebox and find only $3.00 left.  You complain to your parents.

Your parents tell you to, “put $1.00 in your Piggy Bank, give $1.00 to the poor, and to spend $1.00 on yourself.”

Now do you understand why the EuroCrisis has not been solved?




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