Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To Fix the Economy...


1.  Negotiate a deal with the Oil Companies.  You let them drill they pay a surcharge:  Fees go to environmental cleanups.

2.  Tax incentives to Oil Companies:  Invest your profits into clean energy [SOLAR] take a tax break.

3.  Shift the “Tax Cut” strategies.  [Trickle down is a myth—tell no one you heard it from me.]  Move the tax cuts to the level of people who spend money on Main Street.

4.  Scrap “No Child Left Behind”.  It was a miserable failure that doomed the lives of children across America.  No child will master the complexities of what he or she needs to know without a FOUNDATION.

Read, Write, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide.

            A.  Teach reading using phonics.  Children will improve on their own.
            B.  If a child hasn’t memorised the times tables at the grade appropriate level, the child is wasting time in math class.

            C.  Cut back on the number of teacher aides, add to the number of teachers.

5.  Create incentives for Domestic Borrowing.

6.  Create incentives for Domestic Investment

7.  There are two ways to stimulate the economy. 

            A. Take money out of the economy and put it back in.

            B.  Don’t take money out of the economy in the first place.

            C.  Choose B.

8.  Read my stuff today or listen to it from the experts a month from now. 

9.  Work on the above ideas while I work on coming up with more ideas.



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