Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can Leadership be Learned? See: The EuroCrisis

Let's not say learned.  Let's say aquired or developed.

I have been called upon a few times to fill a leadership role.  Usually, ex-officio.  However, as I posted in another discussion, I am a lone wolf style person.
This does not always mean work alone, however.  I have worked with people.  And it is nice.  But I don't aspire to leadership.

A few things are necessary.

1.  knowledge--know what to do on the job.

2.  delegate authority--authority is defined as permission--to others to do a job.

3.  be ready with real help. ("The fact that we have to do something is no justification to do something stupid."  The Quotations of Slim Fairview

Witness the EuroCrisis.

The "leaders" are educated.


Even reasonably intelligent.

Yet, they cannot solve the EuroCrisis.

Why not?  Who will "follow" a leader who does not know what to do?

Europe: Analysis

Is everything "more high, good, better"?  NO

Is everything "More low, bad, worse"?  YES

Why can't they solve the problem?  Who will follow their lead?

Did you ever hear an employee say, "I'm not listening to him.  He doesn't know what he's doing." ?

Now you know why the EuroCrisis exists.

Can leadership be learned?  Well, ask yourself this: Can leadership be taught?  NO

Leadership skills can be developed, not learned.

You can learn the tenets of the "position"  (Of Leadership)  but you cannot learn to be a leader.

From: Slim Fairview

I am interested in working as a paid blogger, a columnist, a commentator. (This in addition to finding someone interested in publishing my novel or producing my screenplay.)

If any of what I've written has been helpful to large corporations or powerful nations, I encourage them to send me a tricked out laptop and to tuck their respective currency into the envelope along with the thank you note.

I don't want to be paid for what I do.
I don't want to be paid for what I know.
I don't want to be paid for what I think.
I want to be paid for the way I think.

ps. If I have been truly helpful to the powerful, the less fortunate will have benefited from the advice in the monographs I've posted.