Thursday, September 22, 2011

EuroCrats: It is Our Policy to Fail

The handling or mishandling of the debt crisis by the EuroCrats proves one thing. The Process is the Problem.

From the IMF we learn that the set of policy choices that are economically viable and politically feasible is shrinking. That is a bold admission.

Further, the IMF acknowledges the market’s negative response but chooses to stay the course. This is wrong.

Still, the bold admission is a good thing. Oftentimes people don’t take bold action until a crisis is impending. Bureaucrats never do.

Now with Belgium, Italy, and Spain heading toward a crisis, why embrace a proven Policy of Failure? One glaring point: A cash infusion into banks that suffered losses due to the debt crisis will only cause the banks to continue to lose what others infuse.

Meanwhile, there is a call for taxpayers to bolster…..! Any call for taxpayers to bolster anything is a lose—lose situation.

If the plan fails, the crisis deepens.

If the plan succeeds, those who pay for the success of others will harbour a deep resentment. If you don’t believe me: Parliament Hampers Merkel Deal Making.

EuroBanks stand to lose €630 Billion. Banks are starting to not trust each other or lend to each other. That is not a good sign either.

The IMF goes on to say that the Global Credit Crisis moved into the Political Phase. Therein lies the punishment for using political considerations to solve the problem in the first place.

Greece and Europe suffer from problems of Austere Proportions.

As I previously stated, “Analysts conceded a €110 Billion bailout for Greece on the assumption that the Greek economy would grow. Then, they called for sanctions to punish Greece because their assumptions were wrong.”

The austerity measures to be imposed by (upon) Greece include a move to reduce public employment.

“There are no unintended consequences, only unwanted consequences.” –Slim Fairview

Such a move will

Reduce tax revenue.

Strain the social safety net,

Negatively impact the multiplier effect; if there is one.

[ ]

Greece may consider some alternatives

Sell state owned assets [to Greek citizens].

Seek Foreign Investors instead of Foreign Lenders. [Asia. Brazil]

Encourage, promote, and support, entrepreneurship for the Greek people.

The Nanny-State mentality in Europe has less to do with benefits and more to do with business. It is easy for a society to become complacent if the jobs are already there whether provided by Big Government or by Big Business. SMEs provide jobs, growth, economic stimulus, and prosperity. Don’t believe me? The headline in the NY Times reads: India Nurtures Entrepreneurship.

Economic Stimulus by Metaphor

Greece can also follow my prescription for the American housing crisis. Only they may wish to expand upon it—tailor it to Greek needs.

Stop Foreclosures

Rewrite Loans at a lower payment rate

Add a balloon payment. [2018, 2019, 2020]

Will all this work?

Did your efforts fail?

The EuroCrats are Intelligent, Educated, and Experienced.

Q: Why the failure?

A: The Process

The meeting of the minds emphasises consensus. The EuroCrats do not need consensus. The EuroCrats need acknowledgement.

“The fact that you cannot predict the future is not a proper rebuff to the one who tells you to get off the tracks a train is coming.” –Slim Fairview

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