Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diplomacy? A Piece of Cake.

Back Story

The Cupcake:

The crisis.  There was only one cupcake left. 

The Solution:  One cuts, the other chooses.

My Dad, a smart man but short of Solomon, came up with that "plan".

My sister was too young to make an even cut.  She knew this.  The cutting was left to me.

I was so scrupulous in cutting the cupcake into two even pieces, that my sister could not determine which piece was larger.  My sister was gripped with the fear that she would choose the smaller piece.

My Dad handed each of us half a cupcake and never tried that method again.  Therein lies my Dad's Brilliance!  My Dad never tried that method again.

The EuroUnion
Diplomacy:   A system of such scrupulous adherence to protocol and good manners that everone believes he received the smallest piece of cake.

My sister and I were four and seven respectively.  There is no excuse for what is going on among the EuroCrats.

Bon appetit.



 "If people were more concerned about being respectable and dignified, they could worry less about being treated with dignity and respect." 

"Don't bother asking me, you don't want to hear my opinion, you want to hear your opinion."

From The Quotations of Slim Fairview.  Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview


Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview