Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not for the G 20 Only

My PowerPoint presentation, The Future of the G 20 in Good Times and Bad is not the final word on the subject.  It was designed to serve  as a point of departure for the EuroCrats to find the best road into the future.

This is the reason why.  And if you dispute me, I shall point to the Occupy Wall Street Movement as a more than substantial Road Sign.

The Zero Sum Game is no longer viable.  Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, Gaddafi are part of what people are calling The Arab Spring.  I call it, The Path of the Trajectory.

"That one cannot predict the future is not the proper response to the one who tells you to get off the tracks--the train is coming."--Slim Fairview

Previously,  I discussed, resources.  I cited:  Energy, Pharmaceuticals, and Agriculture.  Oil, Medicine, and Food in simplest terms.  In my monograph on "Soft War" I indicated that the control and allocation of these resources will become more crucial.  However, there are other resources to be concerned about:


It is the last one I am concerned with here.  VALIDATION!

Unity will be paramount.  Not EuroUnion style unity, but the style of unity built upon a bedrock of expediency.  (The Future of the G 20--If there is one.)

World Leaders sitting in a circle behind their nation's flags, is an engineered impediment to unity.  I will make that painfully clear to the World Leaders et. al.

The Analogy:

When the typewriter was invented, the technology was not adequate to accommodate the speed of the typist.  The machines jammed.  The solution?  The QWERTY  keyboard to slow the typist down to the level of the machine.

World Leaders are the Technology.
People are the Typists.

This was illuminated in my monograph: A New World Order--A World Without Borders.

As world leaders are sitting in a circle, hiding behind flags, humanity is bonding through a virtual citizenship.  The new nation?  NETOPIA.

The World's Population is not wrapped in a variety of flags.

World Leaders are in hot pursuit of Symbolic Gestures. Individuals, people, are in hot pursuit of substantive gains.  Guess who wins?

While The EuroCrats are wallowing in a discussion about The Greek Debt Crisis and Business Leaders are still discussing whether or not social media reduces productivity, The Hip, Cutting Edge, Tech People like me are blogging.

These matters have been discussed on my blog.  It should not be necessary for me to hold anyone's hand and lead him down the blog with a series of Tweets with Links.

Witness the Greek Riots, Witness the OWS movement, Witness the Path of the Trajectory (also known as  The Arab Spring).

Bon Chance.

Sincerest regards,


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