Thursday, October 13, 2011


"I have one word for you, Ben.  Plastics."

That line, from The Graduate, with Dustin Hoffman, has been cited as an indicator of a world that was shallow, superficial, and--well--plastic.

Today, PLASTIC may well be a cornerstone of Third World Development.  Literally.

Into the Shredder. 

Into the Grinder. 

Into the Blender. 

Into the Extruder. 

Voila.  Synthetic Railroad Ties. 

This will save trees. 

Cut down on Shipping costs. 

Cut down on Labour Costs.

Provide Jobs.

And....that is a product that is recyclable.  BONUS!

If heavy, ugly pipe can be used to move oil and (dare I say it--combustible gas) Some plastics can be used to move water to:

Irrigate Crops.

Water the Livestock

Quench a thirst.

Promote Hygiene

You know?  Good Stuff.

Plastic can be used to build



Small Factories






Plastic Products won't dissolve into the environment.

Can be recycled.

Are easy to form into products.

Can create jobs in SMEs for a growing population.

Of course, there are people who hate third world people but can't come out and say it.  Therefore, instead, they will launch an assault against the industry on ideological grounds, environmental grounds, or--most detestable of all--competitive grounds (If you make stuff from other stuff, you don't want people making stuff from plastic.) with a celerity unmatched by those who are trying to solve the problem.  (There is a sentence in there somewhere. Some assembly required.)

Oh, and by the way, this fits into my suggestion that Big Oil invest some of its profits into other areas.  One was Green Energy.  Remember?  I suggested they buy Solyndra and run it as a business and not as a symbolic gesture?  Well, Big Oil ByProducts include....wait for it...Plastic!

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