Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project Greece!

I have often criticised what has been written for being descriptive and not prescriptive.

Thus: Here Goes.

Greece does not need a plan.  Greece needs a project.  An economic development project.

I have often excoriated the EuroCrats for many things.  Among them, for trying to destroy Greece.  Most recently, for acting like monkeys chasing their own tales.

Here is a project.

To the EuroCrats:

If you don't like it, ignore it.
If you don't like it, tweak it.

Don't waste your time arguing with me.  I do not discuss, debate, or defend my conclusions.  And I certainly don't waste time "talking about it."  The last is the infection that is rotting away at the core of America.  Certainly you should not find satisfaction in America's financial problems.  If you feel you look good by comparison, you don't


Divestment or divestiture of Government owned assets.

Big Business and Big Government worship at the same church.  You are no better off if the Government owns the business than you are if the plutocrats own the business.

This includes but is not limited to:

The Power Company

The Bus Company

The Phone company

(If any of the above are not owned by the government, I apologise.  Now let's move on.)

Onwership of the aforementioned businesses by the Greek people.  Not through a public entity but rather a private one.

Offer the workers of the aforementioned:

A job with the company.

Ownership of stock in the company.

A Profit Sharing Plan

Health Benefits.

A Retirement Plan

There is incentive when a person working for the company gets a share of the profit.

The Government will receive revenues from Corporate Taxes, Income taxes, and Capital Gains taxes.  This is how the Greek People will help to support the government that will in turn help the people of Greece.

Limit Foreign Ownership of Stock in the Companies.


Offer incentives for Foreign Investors who start companies in Greece that

Create Jobs for Greek Citizens

Manufacture Export Products to help reduce or eliminate a Balance of Trade Deficit.

If you are not already doing it, create a small business association organisation to help Greek Citizens open businesses to own and operate

Greek Tourism Offices
Greek Tourist Sites
Greek Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Greek Economic Development Councils

Promote Junior Year Abroad and Summer Session for Foreign Students who want to study

These are only a few Projects that can be worked into the EuroWizards' Plans to save Greece.

Bon Chance.


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