Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Gotta Feel for World "Leaders".

The following on Executing Strategy was written for the Corporate Setting.  It applies just as much to Government.  Ours and Others.  And to the EuroUnion.

Impediments to Executing Strategy

I. The first impediment to executing strategy will be others who do not share your vision.

a. Your vision competes with their vision.

b. Your vision contravenes their assumptions.

1. If their strategy is based on their vision, your vision will threaten their position.

2. If their assumptions are repudiated, their reputation will suffer.

II. There will be challenges to the data you use to substantiate your strategy.

a. If you use the methods they use, your results will challenge their competency

b. If you use different methods to arrive at your conclusions their methods will be challenged.

c. Either a. and or b. will diminish either their self image or their image within the company.

1. If you challenge their self-image they will become hostile.

2. If you threaten their image in the company, they will become devious.

All of the above assumes that the people you work with and work for like you.

If they do not, the job of executing your strategy will be even more difficult.

"The Rise or Fall of the Middle Class is a leading indicator of a Country's Future." Slim Fairview from The Quotations of Slim Fairview (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

The Soviet Union:  No Middle Class.  Collapse.
China:  Rising Middle Class.  Economic Growth and Success
India:  Rising Middle Class.  Economic Growth and Success
Greece:  Falling Middle Class.  Economic Turmoil
United States:  Falling Middle Class....It is called the path of the trajectory.

Leadership:  "Look behind you.  If people are following you, you're a leader.  If they're not, you're not."  Slim Fairview.


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Copyright (c) 2011 Slim Fairview

(Still hoping for that job with the EuroUnion.)

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