Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Future is Getting Close Fast!

The morning papers brought my admonitions to the fore.

The Greek people really are fed up.  They are voting whether or not to pull out of the EuroUnion.

"You cannot cut wages, fire people, raise property taxes and call it a solution."  Slim 

The Markets Fell on the Anxieties of the EuroCrisis.

EuroFund cannot receive charity from China.

MF Global down on EuroCrisis.

Some EuroCrats Concede the Need for Economic Development and Growth.

Austerity Alone Cannot Solve the Crisis

"Analysts saw lack of measures to boost economic growth as Achilles Heel." 
(Slim is validated.)

Germany worries about hyper-inflation while the rest of the world worries about a recession.

Bond Markets are off.

Italy Sliding Fast.

G 20 Leaders Heading to Cannes will pursue (push for) Growth. (At Last--Epiphany!)

Even in Pakistan:  Pakistan Agents part of US Plan for Afghanistan.

"It is a universal condition:  We refuse to accept that all alliances and enmities are transitory." Slim Fairview from The Quotations of Slim Fairivew

Alors!  Aussitôt!  Lire mon blog!

Bon Chance!



Maybe I will be offered a job by the EuroCrats.


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