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China! Economics! Diversification!

I have been focusing on China lately.  Why?  Follow the path of the trajectory.

I have already pointed out that "the rise or fall of the middle class is a leading indicator of a country's economic future".

China:  Growing Middle Class--Growing Economy.
India:  Growing Middle Class--Growing Economy.
USSR:  No Middle Class--USSR went out of business.
US:  Declining Middle Class--Follow the Path of the Trajectory.

Here is the difference between the Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China.

Soviet Union:
5-year plan.
10-year plan
20-year plan.

Hydro Electric Power Dam PROJECT.
High Speed Rail PROJECT.
Super-Computer PROJECT.

However, there is more to gauging China's imminent success. DIVERSIFICATION.

Let's take another look.

Hydro-Electric Power Dam...UTILITIES
High Speed Rail....................TRANSPORTATION

Now we go further.


US Treasuries--Self explanatory

Portugal State Assets--China buys Portugal Utility Company.  This addresses two issues.  Chinese concern over European Economy.  Europe is China's largest foreign market.  And the issue of privatisation.  An issue I said was crucial to solving the EuroCrisis.  (Have you not been reading my blog? Merkel's Last Stand: )

Argentina--Capital Investments -- China is investing in agriculture and capital investments in Railroads.

What do we see now?  China looking to the future.  As much as I dislike the word Plan, China's plans include projects and working toward a goal.

Let's Build:


From my PowerPoint Presentation: The G-20 in Good Times and Bad

Economic Development

The only thing missing in the news?  China's Investments in Pharmaceuticals.  However, that's not all.  My PowerPoint Presentation begins with Disaster Planning.  And what are the EuroCrats doing at the moment?  Planning for the (possible, probably or perceived) coming [economic] disaster in Europe.  I am not surprised.

There is no provision for Capital Investment, Economic Development, or Growth.  Without this, you cannot solve the problems in the European Economy.

While austerity is essential, Merkel's one-pronged approach is not a solution. It is a weapon.

Bailout! has become the "Trojan Plan" being used to destroy Greece.

It will hurt no one to read:
Merkel's Last Stand

Nor will it hurt to read the combined monographs Economic Stimulus & The Multiplier Effect.

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