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India: The FaceBook Evolution

India.  New Delhi & the ROI.  (The Rest of India)

Changes are due soon, if not sooner.  The culture is changing. Why? Empty stomachs know no isms.

Opportunities in India

The only "pent up" demand in the world at the moment is the demand for investment opportunities.  Investors invest to make a profit, not to mitigate their losses.  Therefore, as long as the EuroCrats embrace Merkelism there will be little to feed the economy--or the people.

The confusion lies in the fact that we have been distracted by the loud noises, bright colours, and shiny things of the Big City World of Advanced Technology.  That, and the rising middle class.

Remember the Quotations of Slim Fairview.

"The Rise or Fall of the Middle Class is a leading indicator of a countries economic future."

China:  Rising middle class, rising economy.
India:  Rising middle class, rising economy.
USSR:  No middle class, no more USSR.
US:  Declining middle class--follow the path of the trajectory.

There is growth in China. There is growth in India. Capital Investment Cannot be Far Behind.

For quite some time now there have been reports of food rotting in the fields because the Indian farmer cannot ship his crops to the market.  And there has been the caste system.

Both are changing. What has been reported in the news?

Two articles in the New York Times have championed individuals who have broken free from the caste system to bring prosperity to themselves and to the communities from whence they came.

Add to that the news that China has been making "capital investments" in Latin America. These to bring crops to the docks for export. 

Capital Investment Opportunities

China's emergence, when viewed from the perspective of capital investment, economic development, global trade, and so on, is less an invitation and more a mandate to do business. This both for one's own and for the global economy.  Also, the need to feed the people.

However, as I've often said, "I learned more about management from novels than from textbooks,"  we have Danton's Death by Georg Büchner.  

The Lessons of the Revolution:  "They are suspect, we are suspect, all are suspect."

Back to the ROI.

Following the model already in place, if India cannot ship the food to the market, there are options. Viable options.

1.   Bring the food processing plant to the farms.

2.  Make Capital Investments in the infrastructure to bring the food to the market efficiently.

Prosperity through Peace

Will China see peace as the road to prosperity?  Will India?

"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it." Santayana.

"Those who never learned history are doomed--period!" Slim Fairview

Ramses II  brought untold wealth to Egypt after making peace with the Hittites.

Capital Investment in India will reduce waste in food at the farms.

  • Crops will not rot.
  • Agricultural investments will increase.
  • Economies to scale will bring benefits to agriculture through intensive use of technology in agriculture.

India's farmers will build bridges to one another; pool their resources; leverage their assets; and increase their productivity.

Capital investment will create jobs: construction jobs, processing jobs, and road and rail jobs.  The subsequent result will be to expand the export market and bring revenues to India, returns on investment to China, and food for many more people.

What is the engine driving this?  The Facebook Evolution.  Technology spreading throughout India and the rest of the world will be the force that helps the Indian people and the Chinese people to coalesce.  The results will be positive.

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