Friday, June 8, 2012

EuroBondage & Leadership

 "You can't lead if you can't manage."  The Quotations of Slim Fairview

The new deception--leadership legerdemain--is a call for a EuroBond. This, of course, is more than a gilt-edged bailout.  Here is the problem.

We hear constantly about European Leaders meeting.  However, what is really happening is European followers are meeting.  Whom are they following?  Chancellor Merkel.  This begs the question, "Why?"

Have we followed Merkel's Lead?  Yes.
Have things gotten better?  No.
Have things gotten worse? Yes.
Conclusion?  Do not follow Merkel's Lead.

Let's speak colloquially for a moment. 

A country borrows money. (Bonds)
This money is used to grow the economy.
The economy grows.
The money from the growth repays the bonds.

This is not Merkelism: A solution based on the fear that someone, somewhere, is earning a living.

A country borrows money. (Bonds)
A country pays bills.
The country borrows more money to pay off the bonds.

Merkelomics means keeping the Greece and Spain shackled to poverty by keeping Greece and Spain shackled to poverty programmes.  

Suddenly, there has arisen a Twitter call to stop Merkel spreading through Spain.  This is not new to me. I've been doing that for a while now.

Back to leadership.

The reason we have committees is not to include people.  It is to conceal incompetence.  It is to spread the blame.  It is a desperate attempt to find a solution the way buying more lottery tickets is a desperate attempt to win the lottery.

Merkel has recently indicated that she will consider the idea of a EuroBond.  This is not an effort to find a solution to the EuroCrisis before the economic crisis becomes a disaster.  This is an attempt to conceal the fact that her leadership has failed.  This, I've discussed before in numerous monographs posted to my blog.

I would like to quote from my previous monographs.  That, however, is not the best way to handle matters.  Instead, I will include links at the end of this posting.

China.  I once said of Chinese-American economic relations, "China is smart enough to know that it won't stay in business very long if it puts its customers out of business."

The same holds true for Europe.  China does not celebrate the EuroCrisis.  Now, the EuroCrisis is a Global Economic Crisis.  Soon? A Global Economic Disaster. Why?  Because no one is leading.

Recently, commentators were saying there is no magic solution. China will not come to the rescue.  Now they are saying we should call on China.  Don't tell me the commentators haven't been reading my blogs.

Now, commentators are discretely expressing their disappointment in Merkel.  They say Germany.  They mean Merkel.

Nothing in any of the attempts over the past two years has any connection to economic growth.  Most of the attempts in fact impede or forestall any possibility of growth.

You can't have Economic Growth without Economic Development.  You can't have Economic Development without Capital Investment.  If you don't like the concept, you don't like China.

China: Capital Investment in Brazil to bring food to the ports.
China: Capital Investment in Portugal. (Winning bid for a state owned utility.)
China: Capital Investment talks in Greece--Shipping!

Bring food grown in Brazil to the ports. Ship the food to China and the world markets.

Chancellor Merkel has failed to lead.  That evidence lies not only in the EuroCrisis bordering on a EuroDisaster, but also on every effort to conceal this crisis in leadership in a morass of committees and agencies.  The EFSF, the ESM, the IMF, the ECB and a series of meetings.

Chancellor Merkel cannot manage the crisis.  You can't lead if you can't manage.  The European leaders are not leaders--they are followers.  The EuroCrisis is about to become a EuroDisaster.  The EuroCrisis is effecting the Global Economy.

This is the time for Chancellor Merkel to step down and go home.

Bon chance.


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All Rights Reserved.

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Anonymous said...

You are the shame of Europe.You are a disgrace.Nobody respects you lazy,stupids sons of a bitch.Signed:Jose from Portugal

Anonymous said...

You are the shame of Europe.You are a disgrace.Nobody respects you lazy,stupids sons of a bitch.Signed:Jose from Portugal