Friday, September 13, 2013

Russia's Syrian Diplomacy

Lest we forget. 

Try This Theory

Russia sends ships to Syria. Not to repulse the United States, but rather as a signal to Syria. President Assad gets the message and invites Russia to send peace keeping troops to Syria. 

Sound familiar?  It should to anyone 75 years old. 

President Assad relinquishes control of chemical weapons that he does not need, repulses the United States picking up credibility in the Middle East, cements ties with his allies in the Middle East and with Russia--as does Russia--and forestalls US Military action. 

Speak softly and carry a big stick is fine when you are the only one with a big stick; or the only one with any stick.  However, when someone else also carries a big stick, you need an alternative foreign policy.  Then, too, if many people have small sticks, you must work harder at diplomacy.  Still, even if you are the only one with a big stick, someone with a book of matches will reduce the potency of your big stick.

Let's compliment President Putin on his diplomatic finesse: 

He comes up with a way of letting Assad save my Mom taught me 52 years ago, "Always give someone an out." Something we've never learned. 

Meanwhile, we watch Russia prove that they are as good at "diplomacy" as ever. 

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