Thursday, April 3, 2014

Five Apples

Through the magic of metaphor, Sir Isaac Newton, Opie Taylor, Martha Steward, Johnny Appleseed and "Lord" de Gouberville, are walking through a small orchard.

  • Newton sees an apply fall from a tree.  He discovers gravity.
  • Opie sees an apple fall from a tree. He picks it up, wipes it on his shirt, and eats it.
  • Martha Stewart sees an apple fall from a tree. She picks it up, takes it home, peels it, cores it, and bakes it with brown sugar and cinnamon and a pat of butter. 350 degrees f. 20-25 minutes. More or less.
  • Johnny Appleseed sees an apple fall from a tree. He picks it up, removes the sees, and plants apple trees.
  • "Lord" de Gouberville sees an apple fall from a tree. He picks it up, takes it home, and invents Calvados.

By A Falling Apple:

  • Newton's imagination is inflamed and science advances.
  • Opie gratifies an immediate and temporal through necessary need.
  • Martha Stewart delays gratification to elevate a necessary, albeit temporal need, for desert.
  • "Lord" de Gouberville simply demonstrates a little common sense.

5 People.  5 Apples.  5 Concepts. 5 Results. Each different. Each essential.

What about Slim?

Slim is sitting apart from from the proceedings and observing while snacking on some Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds and sipping an Extra-Dry Beefeater Martini on the rocks--hat-trick with the olives. 

As a non-participant, he is in the position to be an objective observer.

Slim's only problem is how to deliver the message.  Well, Slim has but two skills: an analytical mind and the ability to speak in metaphors.  He quietly analyses what he sees.  Now all he must do is to come up with a metaphor to explain it.

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