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Reply to WSJ Essay

For Immediate Release

Newton's 3rd Law of Physics: The pendulum swings both ways. When it does, it offers an opportunity to gratuitous commentary. I am glad this essay is billed as an essay: with such editorialisation as "self-styled patriots".

Let's offer the Wall Street Journal an analogy based on the unfounded optimism that some of their employees were English Majors rather than Business Majors. Or worse, Journalism Majors.

Dateline: Philadelphia--1776 Self-styled patriots voted to form a Colonial Economic Union and leave the Empire Economic Union.

Prime Minister, Lady Merkel, said she is willing to negotiate reforms but demands that representatives from other members of the Empire Economic Union be included. She offered to set up a conference next month, next year, the following Spring, the following Fall....

Foreign Minister, Lord Juncker said, "Don't let the door hit you in the bum on the way out."

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Schäuble issued a statement indicating The Empire would no longer trade with the Colonies. "You know that £50 Billion in manufactured goods we sell to you? Well we will stop selling them to you. That will teach you a lesson."

The Colonists have gone so far as to begin negotiating with Enemies of the Reich-- Oops, I mean Empire, which includes, but is not limited to The French.

The new Right Wing Independence Party of The Colonial Economic Union is negotiating trades deals and military alliances with the Right Wing Royalist Party of France led by Louis XVI.

The Military Leader, George Washington, denied the claims stating "After seeing what happened to Canada, India, Greece, Italy, Spain, & Portugal, we feel Amerexit is the best way to go."

King George said "I am disappointed that that these Anti-Empire, Heavily Armed "Self Styled Patriots" are choosing this Nationalist--Isolationist policy. and course of action."



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