Monday, September 20, 2010

Managing Projects in the New Millennium

What are the challenges for the New Managers in the New Millennium?

For now, Transition.

From analogue to digital. From mechanical to technical. From older bosses with younger employees to younger bosses with both older employees and younger employees.

A faster pace. From the letter, to the fax, to the email, to the iPhone to the iPad.
A faster pace in the barrage of questions and a demand for a faster reply with answers.

Precision. Then, a little more, a little less, a couple of shims and a few extra screws. Now, a digital answer with the engineer's zero. 6.54 is not acceptable. Now the answer must read 6.540

A compelling necessity for senior level expertise. Sometimes you cannot delegate responsibility. With the abundance of expertise, recognising the quality among the quantity is crucial. Now find the person on your team capable of doing it.

Global interface. With so much coming from so many different people in so many different places, try to find someone capable of working with them.

Technological compatibility.

Just to mention a few.




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Hemendra Kulkarni said...

As the digital world leaps forward, it brings in its own set of challenges. I strongly believe, that a time will come, when we shall just fall-short of calling ourselves as "Robots". The real challenge then would certainly to add "creativity" factor to ourselves. That's the real challenge in this world of Digital We !!!!!!!

Hemendra Kulkarni
Group CEO

slimfairview said...

So true.

That is why I still post the occasional short story on my blog and read real newspapers. From time to time I will get out a sketch pad.

I started out in life as an English Lit major.

I really do think this internet thing might catch on.