Friday, July 22, 2011

Going Postal: How to Revamp the Post Office

1.  Reduce delivery to five days a week with a Saturday pickup at the Post Office.

2.  One Postmaster for every five Post Offices.

3.  Have larger sorting centres (now called lead offices) with smaller retail outlets for stamps, money orders, post office boxes, etc.

4.  Realign carrier routes to make them more efficient.

5.  Hire an outside, professional, successful Public Relations & Marketing company to improve the parcel post business.  [The one the Post Office gave away during the gas crisis 35 years ago.]

6.  Remind people that the mail is protected by the Postal Inspectors--Federal Agents--and that unlike with regular shipping, theft of shipped material is treated differently.

7.  Provide extensive customer-service training for clerk supervisors.  In short, tell them to forget about being irritating and start being accommodating.  By direct order, Postal Policy, and a condition of their continued employment.

8.  To reduce the expense of the Grievance-Arbitration Procedure, remind each and every Postmaster that the existence of the grievance-arbitration procedure is not a justification for violating provision(s) of the contract.

9.  Bring in a Professional Management Team to manage the Post Office as a business.

10.  Do not think of the Post Office as a store with the American People as the Customers.  Think of the Post Office as a store with the American People as the Owners of the Store.

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