Thursday, July 21, 2011

European Union: Less a Fraternity more a Tontine

The problem the EuroCrats are having arises from the fact that they are dealing with problems on a propter hoc basis.

True, Greece needs help with its debt. However, while the EuroCrats have become fixated on Greece, they are ignoring the problems of Ireland, Italy, Spain, et. al.

When other countries like Ireland begin to reach the state Greece is in, the EuroFolk may try to heal Ireland's malady with Greek medication. This does not always work.

The analogy: Any woman who ever had children can tell you, when one gets sick, they all get sick. Then, they give whatever it is back to the one they caught it from in the first place.

EuroFlu is no different.

No sooner than Greece gets well, than Ireland will need help. Or Italy.

Then there are the issues of incompatible medications and competing physicians. As I've read in the news, only recently have Germany and France formed a compact. EuroBankers have contradicted EuroCrats, Analysts have argue with both and each other.

The solution must involve all the nations. The solution to one country's problems may not work for another.  However, the solving of one nation's problems must not cause problems for another nor make it impossible for the other country to move forward.

The EuroCratic approach is beginning to appear less like a fraternity and more like a tontine.



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