Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Deadly Sins of Management

Selling off assets is one of the Many Deadly Sins of Management.

2.  Now, (In view of the Miss America Scandal) being stupid enough to both hold those views and to put them in E-mails.

3.  Defending incompetent Managers in your organisation instead of Firing them because you believe that fixing a problem is a sign of incompetence.

4.  Failing to take action when employee complaints reach your level because you believe that if you ignore them they will go away.

5.  Delegating authority to those without adequate abilities and without adequate oversight because you believe in credentialism.

6.  Ignoring deliverables and measurables because you believe failure to reach targets can be blamed on others.

7.  Believing your legal department can cover your ass.

8.  Believing your position of authority will protect you.

9.  Taking responsibility as a tactic to shift blame to others.



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