Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Understanding Economics: An introduction by metaphor

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As Congress is approaching the solving of the economic crisis in a manner consistent with the layman’s approach to understanding economics, I shall offer a series of monographs on economics aimed at explaining economics to the layman.

I’ve posted these monographs:

1.  Economics Illustrated: A Primer in Economics, by metaphor

2.  Economic Stimulus, by Metaphor

3.  The Multiplier Effect: Illustrated

4.  Wolf Blitzer Buys a New Suit or How to fix the economy

5.  Will $1,000,000,000.00 Create 7,000 jobs?  Yes and no.

6.  You Don’t Create Jobs by Selling Blue Paint



PS. I am not Paul Harvey.  Still, I am open to becoming a paid blogger, columnist, or commentator.

In the meantime, if anyone finds the monographs on my blog to be especially helpful, please do not hesitate to send me on of those tricked out laptops and few dollars tucked into the envelope with the thank you note.



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