Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Where We are Going

What is happening globally with migration on one of the basic laws of physics.

I illustrated this in my ppt presentation 

I pointed out that Russia is engaged in Economic Warfare. 

The Visible Hand 


Mr. Putin's ETO 

China knows it will not stay in business very long if it puts its best customers out of business. China will not harm Western markets. 

As India transforms, India will have a more efficient handling of crops. No longer will food rot on the vine or in the field because there are difficulties in bringing the food to market in a timely manner. India will embrace the technology that will be crucial to the future of nations. 

Africa will embrace the models of Industrialised Nations: 
Capital Investment, 
Economic Stimulus, 
Economic Development, & 

Forming an E 20 Group of Nations 

Solving the Emerging Economic Crisis

 I have predicted that Plastics will replace wood and steel as a more efficient and cost-effective way of building things. 


But the largest concern is the control of resources: 

Who controls which resources will be crucial to survival. This is explained in 
"Economic Soft-War" 

This is why Globalisation is so important.

Protectionism Isolationism Nationalism
Are the Axis of Evil that impedes or prevents Solving the problems of Famine, Pandemics, and Global Economic Recessions and Depressions & lead to Civil Unrest, Genocide and War.  Support Globalisation.

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